Za’atari refugee camp

Syrian Refugee Ibrahim’s Story

Ibrahim is a Syrian boy living in Zaatari refugee camp, in Jordan. This is his story.

Published on May 15, 2014

Syria Assad Regime Deliberately Targeting Children

They kill our children to break our hearts

Syrian children as young as 2 years of age were victims of killing, maiming, abducted, arbitrary arrest, illegally detained, severe torture, sexual violance (anal rape by army officers or by objects), starvation, ill-treatment, summarily massacred, used in combat as human shield, denied schooling, medical aid, access to humanitarian aid, deliberately targeted in violent attacks (stabbed, burned, knifed, beheaded), chemical attack, aircraft barrel bombing…

Young men and teenagers boys old enough to fight for the rebels were dragged into the streets and shot by security forces. There were children being murdered by Shia militia with swords in their own home.

Syria Assad Regime deliberately targeting children

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Assad Regime created 3 Million refugees & Leave it to the World to fix it

Bashar al-Assad Regime has Redefined Humanity!

Syrians are besieged, bereaved, displaced, bombed, sniped, massacred, detained, tortured, raped, mutilated, gassed, starved by their own government Assad Regime since 2011 uprising for almost 4 years…

Assad Regime created 3.2 Million refugees, half of them are children. Most refugees are in Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. Twenty-eight countries expressed their solidarity with the Syrian refugees.

Syria Assad Regime massacre civilians
syrian refugees map
syrian refugees resettlement chart

Syrian war: Western countries to accept more refugees

Syria deaths at 191000- Its not a number- its people

The International Community failure to act had cost “hundreds and thousands of lives!
The exact figure of confirmed deaths is 191,369, 85 per cent of whom were men and 9 per cent were women. The sex in the remainder of cases were unknown.

At least 8,800 of the victims were confirmed as children, although the age of most victims is unknown.
Syrian children death toll

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