The massacre of Douma by Assad regime on Aug 16-2015 part III

Before he left the country, Dr Mohamad F, a former coroner at the University Hospital in Aleppo, tried to flee and was arrested on charges of being ‘a terrorist threat’.

He spoke to De Bild before the most recent attack about what was happening in Syria:

“I have suffered, but it’s nothing compared to the pain other prisoners have gone through. I have seen policemen rape women and children in front of other detainees,” he said.

The area of Douma is often the target of government action and has been targeted by air strikes for nearly two years.

Sunday’s attack is said to be one of the bloodiest attacks in the last four years.

Recently, UN’s new humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien went to Syria and, according to state media, expressed a willingness to work with the government to alleviate humanitarian suffering.

Mr O’Brien has said since the attacks: ‘I am absolutely horrified by the total disregard for civilian life by all parties in this conflict. Attacks on civilians are unlawful, unacceptable and must stop.’

Perhaps then, it’s this sort of activity – and not just ‘benefit culture’ – that is bringing migrants to our shores? Just maybe…

Syria Assad regime killing civilian with impunity

Assad Douma atrocities

Assad regime genocide Douma civilians at the marketplace

Deadliest attack on civilians by Syria Assad regime

Assad mass murder Douma Civilians

Attack on civilians disregard human life committed by Assad regime

Mass killing children, civilians at Douma Marketplace

Syria Damascus Douma market bombed by Assad regime

Assad bomb Douma market

Douma market massacre civilian die

Article from: http://metro.co.uk/2015/08/17/an-official-massacre-in-syria-shows-yet-another-reason-why-people-flee-to-the-uk-5346819/

Syria’s Torture Machine – Bashar al-Assad

These photos are very graphic but they are real!  The world needs to know!  You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. If the photos disgust you, please help to spread the awareness of the Syrian’s Suffering.


“We don’t kill our people,” President Bashar al-Assad said in an American television interview (20/20 Barbara Walter). “No government in the world kills its people unless it’s led by a crazy person.”


Syria President Al-Assad’s Horrendous Torture


Syria widespread acts of brutality against its own citizens


Syria Assad Regime Torture War Crimes


Syrian protestors suffer physical violence, strangulation, homicide, shootings and general assaults


assad syria crimes children


Syria systematic brutality on an industrial scale


Syria’s torture on an industrial scale


Syria Bashar al-Assad the Torture Machine


Syria Assad's torture chambers, age is of no consequence


Syria Assad Regime extreme brutality and killing


President Bashar al-Assad told Barbara Walter: “No government in the world kills its people unless it’s led by a crazy person.”


Syria’s torture machine
By Jonathan Miller, The Observer, December 13, 2011 – See more at:

Syria Assad Regime – The Silent Ethnic Cleansing

Syrians: Blood fills our streets, our eyes and our hearts!

This is (photos) what Bahar al-Assad does to peaceful protestors, political prisoners, army defectors, political activists, students, medical personnels, journalists… A defector code-named Caesar smuggled this and thousands of other photos depicting the systematic slaughter of over 11,000 detainees in Assad’s prisoners. He asserts that over 150,000 detainees are at risk of liquidation. The State Department has independently verified Caesar claims and its officials compared Assad’s atrocities to Nazi policies.

Assad regime’s industrial-scale slaughtering reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camps is being carried by its security apparatuses! The Cruel Ruler was merciless in a war against a predominantly Sunni cities. Somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 perished, and thousands disappeared. Estimated 250,000+ die during the 4 years civil war.

The World community is content to be bystanders and look the other way!

The Syrians have a stark reading of their condition: they fight alone. No NATO planes are coming to the rescue, and no Arab cavalry. In the Western democracies, there is embarrassed frustration with Bashar, but a resigned admission that no help is forthcoming for this embattled population. If Bashar has wondered about the risks his terrible slaughter might incur, the “international community” has told him there is nothing to fear. But the story does not end with the heavy odds faced by the Syrian people. There is the rebellion, with all its dignity and fearlessness. And this surely will matter for the kind of Syria that will emerge from the struggle.

syria Assad Regime extreme cruelty to prisoner

As Syrians Rise In Revolt, Assad Emulates His Father’s Cruelty


Assad Regime Massacre his own people

Timeline: Syria’s bloodiest days
Elected President – License to Kill

Almost every day of the uprising against the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has brought new reports of shootings, deaths and injuries.

Deraa/Damascus, 22 April 2011
Jisr al-Shughour, 3-6 June 2011
Homs, 3 February 2012
Jabal al-Zawiya, 19-20 December 2011
Homs, 12 March 2012
Taftanaz, 3 April 2012
Houla, 25 May 2012
Hama, 6 June 2012
Tremseh, 12 July 2012
Darayya, late August 2012
Halfaya, 23 December 2012
Haswiya, 15 January 2013
Jdaidet al-Fadl, April 2013
Al-Bayda and Baniyas, 2-3 May 2013
Hatla, June 2013
Khan al-Assal, 22-23 July 2013
Alawite villages, 4 August 2013
Ghouta, 21 August 2013

Syria Assad regime massacre his own people since 2011 uprising

Timeline: Syria’s bloodiest days

Syria – A chronology of key events:

Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 3

The assault on the health system has become a weapon of mass destruction, transforming Syria into a country with diseases of poverty and war.

In 2012, the Syrian government Assad’s regime passed an anti-terrorism law that effectively made it a crime to provide medical care to anyone suspected of being part of the opposition. A policy of denying medical aid to those affiliated with or part of the armed opposition.

“It is forbidden to carry out any first aid activities.” Emergency medical squads are routinely prevented from evacuating not only wounded rebel fighters but also injured children and other civilians from rebel-held territory.











Bashar al-Assad

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Syria Civil war caused $15 billion in damage

Assad Regime War Crimes
$15 Billion+ in damage
Over 250,000 Killed including 20,000 children
Over 1.1 million injured & thousands maimed
Over 11,000 tortured to death & countless raped
Over 250,000 detained
Over 9 million displaced
Over 3 million refugees
Over 2 million properties destroyed

Syria civil war caused $15 billion in damage

Article: http://www.timesofisrael.com/syrian-civil-war-caused-15b-in-damage-official-claims/

Assad Regime Sexual Violence Against Children

The list of alleged crimes committed by Syrian forces “include murder, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence” were applied equally to adults and children in places of detention.

Children in government custody have reportedly been beaten with metal cables, whips and wooden and metal batons, and suffered electric shock, mock executions, cigarette burns, sleep deprivation and solitary confinement, and sexual violence, including rape and threats of rape.

Children are abused by Assad soldiers and recruited for combat and support roles, as well as for conducting military operations by rebels.

Assad's Forces torture and murder children

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Assad’s regime of torture