Syrian death toll

Its Syrian Genocide not Syrian Civil War by Assad Regime

Dear Politicians around the world, if you are not too busy, please watch this video!

Stop the bloodshed in Syria, save the rest!

2 Months Old Infant Survivor of Houla Massacre

A 2 months old infant is one of a few survivor of Houla Massacre. Only 2 months old, she is an orphan! Here parents and brother were killed by Assad gangs. Question is what kind of people in this world will shoot an unarmed infant???? Answer: Assad gangs! Why? Don’t know!!!!!

Syria Assad regime murder babies

Syria Assad regime kill infant

Syria Assad regime shoot at infant



Syria Government: Starvation of civilians as a weapon of war

Syrian forces are mercilessly starving civilians to death, leaving them no choice but to eat cats and dogs to survive.

The more horrifying reality is that some have been even poisoned after eating cats, dogs, or inedible plants.

Help Syrian Refugees today

Assad Syria Civil War

Syria’s other ‘weapons’ of war: Starvation and sickness

Syria Civil War Deaths, News, and Update: Palestinian Refugees Are ‘Eating Cats and Dogs’ to Survive

Crisis in Syria- Biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the modern era

More than a million Syrians have flooded into Lebanon. Underemployed and poor.

These people are just trying to keep living while the rest of the world ignores them.

“These are people who have paid the highest price and, in the end, they will explode and the explosion will be a catastrophe for the whole region.”

Syrian children dying

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Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis

Save Syrian Children

It’s three years later, and the Syrian death toll has likely eclipsed 200,000, with roughly a quarter of the country’s population displaced by the brutal conflict.

Save Syrian Children:

Syrian civil war

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Casualties of the Syrian Civil War

“International Paralysis” over nearly three-and-a-half year Syrian conflict

ISIS terrorists film mass execution of 250 Syrian soldiers after forcing them to march through desert in their underwear.

BY Meg Wagner | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Thursday, August 28, 2014, 12:24 PM

Syria war toll tops 191,000, one-third civilians!

Syrian Civil War

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