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Just stop the war, we do not want to go to Europe

Kinan Masalemehi, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee, gives his heartfelt message about the crisis and asks for help! Just stop the war, we don’t want to go to Europe! Just stop the war, just that!

Published on Sep 2, 2015

al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres by Assad Regime

Published on Sep 13, 2013
Warning – this video contains extremely distressing images. In May 2013 the Syrian army entered a small town called al-Bayda and massacred at least 169 men, women and children. Channel 4 News met with the survivors.

Bashar al-Assad regime brutality: Military Operation & Retaliation
al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres
Racism and regime evil alone are to blame!
All Sunnis reject the regime, Sunnis are rebels!
“al-Bayda was a predominantly Sunni village … The Syrian government didn’t consider al-Bayda to be a threat!”

* Sex segregation is consistent!
* Women and children, were slaughtered with knives, throat-slicing.
* Babies seeming to be hugging each other as the bullets tore into them.
* A young boy, Luqman al-Hiris, was beheaded – in front of his mother.
* Another victim, a pregnant woman, was reportedly sliced open to kill the fetus inside.

Sara, a 12-year-old girl who survived somehow, probably by hiding. She says she later found the body of her tortured and murdered father, throat sliced.

Sara calls for intervention by the outside world: “They have slaughtered all of us … The world should pay attention about what is happening in al-Bayda. Why is everyone asleep? Why don’t they do something?” This is extremely reminiscent of Ali al-Sayed, an 11-year-old miracle survivor of the infamous false-flag Houla massacre a year before. He also had some names memorized, but switched them from one relative to another, along with all relevant details of his shifting story. He was clearer in his “demand that the international community stop the killing in Syria & in Houla … We’re being killed in our homes. The international community … must fight for us, do what they say, and protect us.”

Syria al-Bayda & Baniyas massacre by Assad Regime

Media Disinformation and Coverup of Atrocities Committed by US Sponsored Syria Rebels

Bashar al-Assad

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Palestinians & Syrians are Trapped inside Besieged Yarmouk Camp

Yarmouk Camp:
571 days of siege
Power cuts continued for more than 651 days
Water has been cut for 141 days
Syrians are forced to eat dogs, cats and zoo animal to survive!

In the midst of the Syrian civil war, Yarmouk camp became the site of intense fighting between the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (loyal to the Syrian regime), and the Free Syrian Army. Even as the fighting began most of the population in the camp simply wanted to maintain the stable status quo before the war. Soon the Syrian regime surrounded the camp itself, and has since the summer of 2013 been cut-off from the rest of the world as part of the Syrian regime’s cruel siege starvation tactic. The situation reached such a desperate point that Muslim leaders in the area declared that the eating of rats and mules would be allowed, and grass became a source of nourishment.

”To know what it is like in Yarmouk, turn off your electricity, water, heating, eat once a day, live in the dark, live by burning wood” – Anas, Yarmouk resident.

In 2014, Yarmouk became a byword for the profound suffering experienced by Palestine refugees and Syrian civilians as a result of the conflict. Approximately 18,000 civilians remain trapped inside the neighbourhood in inhumane conditions, deprived of food, water and medicine, with health clinics and schools closed, streets and buildings damaged, and access to the outside world largely cut off. Yarmouk and its residents are in desperate need of support.

assad syria torture child hunger war die

A young boy in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria pleading and crying tears for food and drink Get ready

Yarmouk Camp

Syria Aleppo Quweiq River Massacre by Assad Regime

In late January 2013, during the Syrian Civil War, the bodies of approximately 110 men and boys, most with hands bound behind the back, mouths sealed with tape, and gunshot wounds to the head, were found on the edges of the river in a part of Aleppo controlled by opposition forces. Very few of the victims were over 30. Many victims showed signs of torture. Human Rights Watch reported that family members of many of the victims testified that they were last seen in a government-controlled area or after they set out to cross into the area through two checkpoints, one manned by opposition forces and the other by government forces. Most of the families interviewed by Human Rights Watch insisted that the victims had not been involved with the armed opposition or actively participated in demonstrations. They said, in many cases, that the victims were merchants. Some had shops in the government-controlled area but lived in the opposition-controlled area, and others regularly crossed into the government-controlled area to buy supplies that they sold in markets in the opposition-controlled area. The victims are believed to have been detained, tortured, executed, and dumped by government forces into the river over a period of several weeks. The bodies floated downstream from a government held portion of the river into a rebel held portion in the Bustan al-Qasr district. The bodies only became apparent when the winter high waters resided in late January. In February, a grate was lowered from a bridge into the river in opposition held territory to help catch other bodies floating down.

Between February and mid-March 2013, between 80 and 120 additional bodies were dragged from the river. An average of several bodies every day. The continual appearance of these bodies has led the Queiq (Quweiq) River to be referred to as “The River of Martyrs” by locals. In March, a film crew from Britain’s Channel 4, filmed residents pulling four bodies from the river on a single morning. At the end of March, Aleppo’s opposition authorities reduced the level of the water in the river so it could no longer carry bodies downstream. As a result, locals have been spared from fishing out dead bodies from the river.

The Syrian Institute for Justice investigated in this case and held a press conference to reveal the truth of that crime. Abdulkader Mandou, the Head Manager of Syrian Institute for Justice, who is a human rights attorney, is leading this case. He hopes that they may present this case file to an international tribunal as part of transitional justice in Syria.

Aleppo (Queiq) River Massacre by the Assad regime dated on 29 Jan 2013

syria assad war Bustan al-Qasr Quweiq torture kill

syrian assad war torture murder massacre

syrian assad war River Aleppo torture holocaust

syrian assad war Bustan al-Qasr massacre

syria assad river Quweiq Bustan al-Qasr torture kill war crime

syria assad executed kill crime torture

syria assad river Quweiq torture war crime

assad regime assad crime torture execute kill

syria assad crime execute kill

syria assad crime River Quweiq execute

syria assad regime war crime River Aleppo massacre

syria assad Queiq River massacre

Syria Queiq River Massacre

Al Houla Massacre by Bashar al-Assad regime forces

Survivors of Al-Houla Massacre: Our Families Were Murdered in Front of Us

Published on May 29, 2012
This footage, uploaded by Syrian activists on May 27, 2012, was purportedly filmed in Al-Houla in Homs. It depicts a number of women and children who claimed to have survived the Al-Houla Massacre. They recount watching their closest family members being killed before their eyes by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad.

Al-Houla Massacre – Dozens of Children Murdered in Syria

Published on May 25, 2012
This footage, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on May 25, 2012, depicts the aftermath of a massacre of around 32 children under the age of 10. They were allegedly murdered by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in the town of Al-Houla in Homs. Dozens were killed by tank and artillery shelling, while according to survivor testimony dozens more were shot or stabbed by Syrian security forces. The relative proportions of each category remain disputed.

Child Survives Al-Houla Massacre By Playing Dead

Published on May 29, 2012
This video, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on May 27, 2012, depicts a young boy named Ali Adil al-Sayyid. He describes watching his parents and siblings murdered by the Syrian army and pro-Assad paramilitaries known as Shabbiha. He claims to have survived the massacre by playing dead while security forces shot his mother, kidnapped his father, and looted their home.

Girl Survives Al-Houla Massacre By Playing Dead

Published on May 29, 2012
This footage, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on May 28, 2012, features a girl named Noura. She describes watching her parents and relatives murdered by the Syrian army. She claims to have survived the massacre by playing dead while security forces killed everyone in her home, and then scavenged personal affects from their corpses. She herself was shot in the back.

Child Survivors of Al-Houla Massacre

Published on May 28, 2012
This footage, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on May 26, 2012, depicts a group of children who claim to have been present during the recent massacre in their town. The recount their experiences, describing the death of friends and neighbors at the hands of forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad.

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Syria President Bashar al-Assad Regime Atrocities

The evidence is conclusive that the Syria Bashar al-Assad regime is committing intentional crimes against humanity. Among the crimes the al-Assad regime is committing are: indiscriminant aerial bombardment, widespread attacks on civilians, arbitrary detention of thousands in the political opposition, genocidal massacres of whole villages of Sunni Muslims, rape of detainees, widespread torture- including torture and murder of children- and denial of food, water, medicines and other essential resources to civilians.

The Alawite government of Bashar al-Assad believes it is about to lose all power in a zero-sum, winner take all revolution. Its massacres have become genocidal. Early warning signs and stages of genocide in Syria are:

1) Prior unpunished genocidal massacres, such as those perpetrated by Assad’s father in Hama in the 1980’s;
2) Rule by a minority sect – the Alawite sect that supports Bashar al-Assad – with an exclusionary ideology
3) Systematic human rights atrocities;
4) Fear by the ruling elite that any compromise will mean total loss of their power;
5) Deliberate targeting of particular groups — Sunni Muslims civilian and Syrian army defectors;
6) Denial by the Syrian government that it is committing crimes against humanity, blaming “foreign – inspired terrorist gangs” for the armed conflict.

Article: Genocide and Mass Atrocities Alert: Syria

Syria Assad Regime War Crimes

Syria Assad regime loyal army crime against humanity

Syria Assad regime brutality toward prisoners

Syria Bashar al-Assad regime genocide

Bashar al-Assad regime torture detainees to death

Syria President Bashar al-Assad torture, rape and beaten, detainees

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

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For How Much Longer Will the Syrian People Suffer

From dumb bombs to precision weapons, Bashar al-Assad regime ramps up airstrikes…

To date (11/24/2014), 197,387 people have been killed. Of them, 62,347 are civilians, including 6,468 women, 20,000 children.

Of the non-civilians: 34,060 are rebel fighters, 21,343 are non-Syrian jihadis, 43,396 are regime forces, 2,381 are de-facto regime forces — people who used to be in the army and are fighting for the regime — 28,198 are from militias allied to the regime, 620 are Hezbollah, 2,075 are Shia militia supporting the regime, and 2,958 are unknown persons.

We think there are at least 80,000 more deaths than we have recorded, mostly of fighters. We are 99 percent certain that our civilian casualty figures are accurate.

Syria Civil War Assad Regime killing his own people

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The Qusayr Rules: The Syrian Regime’s Changing Way of War

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

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