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ISIS-Finding Ground Zero

Published on Jan 6, 2016

The video is a dispatch report by ANA Press crew from Aleppo, it consists of a documented trip from central Aleppo to the northern outskirts to where Syrian rebel groups are stationed in opposition to ISIS.

This video is hereby translated under full responsibility of ANA PRESS

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Assad Warplanes Targeted a School Full of Children

Nothing Assad won’t do! Assad’s warplanes targeted a school full of children in Deir al-Asafeer. Deir al Asafir Rif Dimashq Syria Oct28

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Assad Barrel Bomb – Weapon for Ethnic Cleansing

Another child victim from one of Bashar al Assad’s barrel bomb attacks.

What is a barrel bomb and why it’s used in Assad and Iran ethnic cleansing process why they are allowed to do it?

For the month of July 2015 alone, Assad regime dropped 1,350 barrel bombs on populated civilian area killing 966 and injuring thousands more…

Syrian Child victim of Assad barrel bombs

Syrian Children are victims of Assad barrel bombs

assad bashar aleppo barrel bombing civilian

Syria Assad Regime Atrocities

Published on Apr 21, 2013

Rural Damascus | LEAKED :: Undated :: +18

” A video found in the mobile phone of the sergeant Hani Mustafa Saleh from the Republican Guard and who was killed at the hands of the “Revolutionary military gathering consolidated in Damascus”

The footage shows images for EXTREMELY BRUTALITY in torturing two young militants to death from the village of Ma’arba in Rural Damascus at the hands of regime forces members at Al Qaws checkpoint between Al Tal & Ma’arba ”

For those who claim that those who torture are from the “FSA”, we would like to make it clear here that these two young men are “FSA” members and got killed due to this EXTREMELY BRUTAL torture by the regime forces”

This clearly to be considered as a crime against humanity

The names of those two young men are :

1 – Mansour Khalid Sweid (Abu Khalid ) / Ma’raba village – Rural Damascus
2 – Mohammed Bakeer (Abu Tariq ) / Ma’raba village – Rural Damascus

Important note :
A very +18 but still it is A “MUST published Video” in order to show the world the EXTREME Atrocities committed by Syrian regime forces against civilians in the country just coz they said NO”

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

Syrians were brutally tortured and killed by Assad regime forces

al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres 2 Years Anniversary -1

May 2, 2015 mark al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres 2 Years Anniversay

In May 2, 2013, the Syrian army entered a small town called al-Bayda (a village in the mountains outside the coastal city of Baniyas, Syria) and massacred at least 169 men, women and children.

al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_2 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_3 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_4 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_5 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_6 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_7 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_8 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_9 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_10 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_11 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_12 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_13 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_14 syria_assad_al-Bayda_massacre_15

al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres by Assad Regime

Published on Sep 13, 2013
Warning – this video contains extremely distressing images. In May 2013 the Syrian army entered a small town called al-Bayda and massacred at least 169 men, women and children. Channel 4 News met with the survivors.

Bashar al-Assad regime brutality: Military Operation & Retaliation
al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres
Racism and regime evil alone are to blame!
All Sunnis reject the regime, Sunnis are rebels!
“al-Bayda was a predominantly Sunni village … The Syrian government didn’t consider al-Bayda to be a threat!”

* Sex segregation is consistent!
* Women and children, were slaughtered with knives, throat-slicing.
* Babies seeming to be hugging each other as the bullets tore into them.
* A young boy, Luqman al-Hiris, was beheaded – in front of his mother.
* Another victim, a pregnant woman, was reportedly sliced open to kill the fetus inside.

Sara, a 12-year-old girl who survived somehow, probably by hiding. She says she later found the body of her tortured and murdered father, throat sliced.

Sara calls for intervention by the outside world: “They have slaughtered all of us … The world should pay attention about what is happening in al-Bayda. Why is everyone asleep? Why don’t they do something?” This is extremely reminiscent of Ali al-Sayed, an 11-year-old miracle survivor of the infamous false-flag Houla massacre a year before. He also had some names memorized, but switched them from one relative to another, along with all relevant details of his shifting story. He was clearer in his “demand that the international community stop the killing in Syria & in Houla … We’re being killed in our homes. The international community … must fight for us, do what they say, and protect us.”

Syria al-Bayda & Baniyas massacre by Assad Regime

Media Disinformation and Coverup of Atrocities Committed by US Sponsored Syria Rebels

Bashar al-Assad

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Entire Family Killed by Chemical Weapons Attack on Damascus

Published on Aug 24, 2013

Video Description: Video portrays an a building inspection in which a number of families are found dead 36 hours after a chemical weapons attack which took place on Damascus suburbs on the 21st of August 2013 early morning time (presumed at 2:00am). This video was taken in the Zamalka area of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus suburbs.

Syria Assad regime chemical gas attack on his own people

chemical chlorine gas was used by Assad regime on syrian civilian

chemical attack by syrian government bashar al-assad, children and women were gassed to death

Syria bashar al-assad use chemical weapon chlorine gas to attack his own people

syria assad regime forces use chlorine, sarin chemical gas attack his own people

chemical weapons were used by assad regime to kill civilians

bashar al-assad regime use chemical weapons to attack civilians, cities and town