Syria Assad Regime Military Retaliation – Houla Massacre

According to the United Nations, 108 people were killed, including 34 women and 49 children, they were killed in the attack overnight between 25 and 26 May 2012, most knifed or shot at close range. Most of the massacre’s victims had been “summarily executed in two separate incidents and an “entire families were shot in their houses” in the village of Taldo.

Video later emerged on the Internet showing the bloodstained bodies of many children huddled on a floor in the dark, some with their skulls split open, some with their throats cut, and others knifed or shot to death.

The video also featured a man’s voice screaming, “These are all children! Watch, you dogs, you Arabs, you animals – look at these children, watch, just watch!”

UN investigators have reported that most of the dead were summarily executed, the consistent testimonies of victims and witnesses with direct knowledge of the events stated that the massacre was committed by pro-government Shabiha.

Channel 4 news reported that Houla residents stated that the Syrian military and government-hired Shabiha were the perpetrators of the massacre, as claimed by opposition groups. Townspeople described how Shabiha, who were thought to be men from Shia/Alawite villages to the south and west of Houla (Kabu and Felleh were named repeatedly) entered the town after several hours of shelling. According to one eyewitness, the killers had written Shia slogans on their foreheads (the Alawi faith is a Shia sect).

An elected president free to kill his own citizens and nobody would stop him! Innocent unarmed civilians: men, women, children and infants were brutally slashed, hacked to death with knives or shot at close range in their own home. This manifestation of the sectarian hatred fomenting within the country.

“What happened in Houla and elsewhere (in Syria) are brutal massacres which even MONSTERS would not have carried out,” Mr Assad said in the televised address.

Syria Assad carry out Al Houla Massacre on May 25, 2012

Houla Massacre:

Syria crisis: Assad denies role in Houla massacre:

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

Syria Assad’s Regime War on Doctors 6

Remember the Syrian doctors who risk their life to save life!
Thanksgiving Day 2014

Syrian Doctors: As doctors, we treat everyone regardless of their political views
Syria Assad: Doctors are dangerous to the Syria Assad’s Regime
Syria Assad’s military intelligence officers: We are shooting at them in order to kill them. This is obvious, since you are stopping him from dying, you are a terrorist.

More than 560 Syrian doctors and nurses were reportedly killed by the Syria Bashar al-Assad‘s regime forces since the start of the ongoing war in 2011. Hundreds have disappeared into Syrian jails.

1) Assad’s troops purposefully denied people medical care as a “weapon of war”
2) The Syrian troop army has occupied hospitals, using them as bases for snipers, tanks and soldiers.
3) Patients had also been beaten, burned with cigarettes and tortured to death in a Syria military hospital in Mezze, Damascus.
4) Intentionally directing attacks against hospitals and places containing the sick and the wounded.


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Haidar Ali al-Fandi


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Osama Bakrah


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Adel al-Hassan


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Sufian az-Zoubi


Syrian Doctor: Ziauddin Badran


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Bashar Sinawhar


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed Bazz


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed Qasem Agha


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Samer al-Hamed


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Ahmed Lyad Faltih


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Wahid Akidi


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed al-Jalad


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Fares Ghali

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Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 1

The Assad regime has come to view doctors as dangerous, their ability to heal rebel fighters and civilians in rebel-held areas a weapon against the government. Over the past two and a half years, doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists who provide treatment to civilians in contested areas have been arrested and detained; paramedics have been tortured and used as human shields, ambulances have been targeted by snipers and missiles; medical facilities have been destroyed; the pharmaceutical industry devastated.











Bashar al-Assad

#Syria #ASSAD #AssadCrimes #AssadWarcrimes #AssadGenocide #AssadHolocaust #syria_crisis #syria_conflict #syriacivilwar #torture #syrian_torture #syrian_refugees #childrenofsyria #Damascus #Aleppo