YEMEN Is DYING- 1 Child Dies Every 10 Minutes

YEMEN Is DYING: 1 Child Dies Every 10 Minutes. 2 More Children Died While You Watch This Report.

Published on Dec 31, 2016

12.31.2016. Yemen.
This report is a compilation of interviews and footage from the war raging in Yemen, and the humanitarian crisis left in its wake. [Advisory: 16+ For Images of War and Injury].

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Syria Assad Regime Bustan al-Qasr Massacre

The story behind one of the most shocking images of the Syrian Revolution. This was in 2013 Syria, Assad regime mass murdered Syrian Civilians and dumped their bodies into the river.

Assad regime murdering civilians


Assad kill syrian civilians

Assad regime government mass killing civilians

Syrian regime mass murdering civilians

Assad basha regime genocide

torture and kill by Bashar al-Assad in Syria

assad syria killing innocent civilians

Assad army torture and kill syrian

Assad kill children in syria

Assad masacre civilians

Assad regime kill protestors against him

Enforced Disappearance in Syria by Assad Regime

A prisoner’s Dream

I dream of seeing my family even if only for one hour.
I want to kiss my kdis and make sure they are alive.
Even if I come back to die, I don’t mind.

I dream of getting out of here.
I don’t wanna waste my life here.
If I am released now, I may still be able to catch up with my
University exams…
Maybe, I wouldn’t lose that much then…


I dream of an antibiotic pill to cure the skin inflammation
and dimples that are eating me up.
I want to get rid of the humiliation and the ugliness of my
“scales-like” skin so that those who carry my body for burial
would not be disgusted and my cell-mates are not repulsed by
the rotting smell.


I am craving for a piece of pistachio sweets.


Detained doctor: ‘Prisoners just want to die to end the pain’

Save The Rest
Published on Sep 22, 2015

This is what’s happening in Assad’s prisons #SaveTheRest … They deserve to live freely!
هذا جزء مما يحصل في سجون الأسد : ورود سوريا وخيرة أبناء سوريا وبناتها تغتال بصمت… أنقذوا البقية .. لأننا نحتاجهم .. لأنهم يستحقون الحياة

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Daily Atrocities

Published on Dec 24, 2012

bashar al-assad in syria kill children

assad bashar in syria kill 26,000 Syrianchildren

assad bashar syrian regimekill children

assad bashar syria soldier kill children

assad bashar shabiha syria kill children

assad bashar syrian government kill children

assad bashar in syria killing innocent children

Two Females Recount the Horror of Houla Massacre

These 2 women recount watching their closest family members being killed before their own eyes by forces to Bashar al-Assad.

Published on May 27, 2012

This footage, uploaded by Syrian activists on May 27, 2012, was purportedly filmed in Al-Houla in Homs. It depicts a number of women and children who claimed to have survived the Al-Houla Massacre. They recount watching their closest family members being killed before their eyes by forces loyal to Bashar.

survivors of syria assad al-houla massacre

syria assad al-houla massacre two woman survivors


syria assad houla massacre woman survivors


syria assad houla massacre two woman survivors


Syria Assad Regime Authorities Hit List Targets Children

Syria children are paying the heaviest price!

Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad doing things for money is not a characteristic that’s unique to Syria. They are awarded when they ‘hit the correct targets”.

The Syrian crisis has been unique among the Arab Spring uprisings (and many other conflicts) in its deliberate targeting of children and the worst torture techniques are regularly used even on pre-teen children.

The question we all have to answer is why do we give him the freedom to implement this child-killing strategy?

syria children assad bomb

syria assad war on children

syria children assad isis torture

syria children assad war murder

syria children genocide assad

syria children holocaust torture

syria children massacre war

syria children murder assad regime

syria children torture assad

syria children torture bashar

syria children war conflict

syria children war murder

War Child UK released, Syria: A War on Childhood, documenting how Assad’s forces take children from their parents, schools and communities and transfer these children to detention centers or military units for use as human shields. The children are brutally tortured, raped, and murdered. “Children and young people have been summarily massacred; illegally detained; sexual abused; used in combat; abducted and tortured; denied schooling and access to humanitarian aid; and deliberately targeted in violent attacks.”

Assad’s New Strategy: Nothing Makes People Flee Like Murdering Their Children

The most shocking thing was the deliberate killing of children

World & UN Inaction Give Assad a Licence to Kill

One UN envoy after another, not to protect or save Syrian children, but save Assad genocidal regime!

UN envoy for Syria:
1) Ban Ki-moon
2) Kofi Annan
3) Lakhdar Brahimi
4) Stefan de Mistura

Assad: All you need to get away with genocide in 21st century is to say I’m fighting jihadists & killing terrorists.
World powers & media do the rest.

Role of the UN Security Council:
The Security Council has primary responsibility, under the United Nations Charter, for the maintenance of international peace and security.

assad syria bashar crime tortureassad syria bashar crime torture

The UN and the modern Western left: indistinguishable voices for the powerful, shilling for genocide

13-02-2015: It is, of course, no surprise that Stefan de Mistura, the UN’s envoy for Syria – or, to be clear, for the Assad regime – has insisted that the Assad regime is the solution to resolving the Assad regime’s war on Syria. After four years of the UN’s uncritical support for Assad’s ongoing genocide, it would be amazing only if he hadn’t.

The wealthy and powerful, after all, always stand by one another. International governments and the supranational bodies like the UN which represent their interests have no problem with totalitarianism, genocide and dictatorship so long as they don’t affect the West; they’re on the giving rather than the receiving end of tyranny, after all. Stefan de Mistura and Ban Ki-moon are honoured guests whichever presidential palace they visit and will always be treated deferentially. The oppressed, the powerless, the disenfranchised have never figured in their calculations; they are ‘collateral damage.’

The contemporary Western left of the Guardian and Counterpunch, which represent the interests of affluent bien-pensant liberals and beneficiaries of the status quo, similarly stand by their fellow members of the establishment and elite globally, reserving their solidarity for other prosperous beneficiaries of the status quo internationally, except in those isolated cases when the oppressed occasionally provide a useful backdrop for radically chic pseudo-anti-imperialist posturing. Even in those cases the oppressed themselves are of little interest except as useful ciphers for impassioned anti-imperialist speeches and editorials about opposing inhumanity and the need for greater compassion –the same approach used by Western and all other governments when the dictators they’ve previously propped up are no longer useful, albeit with occasionally different rhetoric.

In Syria, we’ve seen Robert Fisk complaining that the sound of the regime’s “anti-terrorist” bombardment disturbed his morning latte and delightfully fresh chocolate croissants at his favourite chi-chi riverside café in a pleasant affluent suburb of Damascus, even as the bodies of dozens of Assad’s victims, tortured then shot dead, were fished out downstream. We’ve seen his fellow patrician spokesperson for other well-heeled pseudo-leftist admirers of totalitarianism, Patrick Cockburn, inveigh against the ghastly Syrian proletariat, a.k.a. “extremists and terrorists.” We’ve seen George Galloway, another supporter of some Palestinians’ freedom and human rights (depending on their location and the oppressors’ identity) and fellow shill-for-hire to any brutal totalitarian regime with a generous expense account, rail against the “cannibals and savages” of the Syrian opposition, language indistinguishable from any ultra-Zionist railing against Palestinians.

We’ve seen well-heeled American pseudo-radicals including former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and six-times Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney rush in 2013 to stand alongside their fellow affluent beneficiaries of the status quo in Damascus, cheering on the regime’s Nakba and holding a ‘peace conference’ to defend Assad (from Obama’s occasionally mildly disapproving speeches presumably) at the military base used to bomb South Damascus and large parts of the surrounding areas, and to fire chemical missiles that killed around 1600 people in East Ghouta a few weeks earlier.

Had the contemporary Western left been around during the French revolution, they’d have been cheering for the Bourbons and their beneficiaries, obsessing over the ghastliness of the ‘Reign of Terror’ by the horrid terrorist sans-culottes, while – as always – brushing the regime’s own terrors under the carpet and reassuring everyone of the ‘stability’ provided by generations of the Bourbons’ rule. This is the New Western Left – solidarity with the powerful, universal brotherhood with the elite, liberté, égalité, fraternité only for fellow beneficiaries of the status quo.

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