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3 years anniversary of Houla Massacre

Today, mark the 3 years anniversary of Houla Massacre!

11-year-old Ali Alsayed witnessed and survived the Houla Massacre on May 25, 2012. He watched the army enter his house, arrest his brother and uncle, and kill his mother and siblings. The security forces thought he was dead as he lay among his dead family members. After they left, he fled his house and ran barefoot to his uncle’s house. The next day he discovered while watching Addounia TV (Syrian government channel) that his uncle and brother were killed. His uncle was forced to declare on television that armed gangs killed his children, not the security forces. Ali tells his heartbreaking story, and begs his listeners and the international community for help.

syria assad al houla homs massacre by Assad regime

syria assad houla massacre May 2012

syria assad al houla homs massacre

syria assad al houla massacre

Syria no more- the war is changing the country beyond recognition

Syria’s three-year-old civil war – a vision of unimaginable desolation
More than 18,000 people are existing under blockade inside Yarmouk, enduring acute shortages of food, medicines and other essentials.

Yarmouk has been cut off since last July (2013). Many residents are now weak and severely malnourished, as well as being exposed to the risk of disease, or death and injury from fighting.

Syrian Civil War

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