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Why the Syrian Assad Regime is Killing Babies?

The killing of children by a regime is to intimidate the opposition

The Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is trying to restore a balance of fear, perhaps the most powerful weapon in the hands of tyrants throughout history.

Syria Assad Regime atrocities: 20,000+ Syrian children were killed/ 250,000+ Syrian were killed…

Article: Why the Syrian Assad Regime is killing babies?

Syria Assad Regime Atrocities war on children

Syria Backgrounder- The Situation

Bashar al-Assad

Yazidi women are trafficked as sex slaves, abused and imprisoned

More than 1,000 women and children kidnapped by Isis. Yazidis in Iraq have made an emotional plea for West to help more than 1,000 kidnapped Yazidi women forced into ‘sex trade’.

“We’re a minority here and there’s no strong lobby to support us. We ask for support from those governments that care about human rights and humanity.”

Help the Yazidis:

more than 1,000 women and children kidnapped by Isis.

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Syria deaths at 191000- Its not a number- its people

The International Community failure to act had cost “hundreds and thousands of lives!
The exact figure of confirmed deaths is 191,369, 85 per cent of whom were men and 9 per cent were women. The sex in the remainder of cases were unknown.

At least 8,800 of the victims were confirmed as children, although the age of most victims is unknown.
Syrian children death toll

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