ISIS Now Has Sex Slave Rape Guidelines

Published on Dec 29, 2015

Just when you thought ISIS couldn’t get any worse, they have now put out guidelines for how to rape your sex slaves. Probably not the best PR move… Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Islamic State theologians have issued an extremely detailed ruling on when “owners” of women enslaved by the extremist group can have sex with them, in an apparent bid to curb what they called violations in the treatment of captured females.

The ruling or fatwa has the force of law and appears to go beyond the Islamic State’s previous known utterances on slavery, a leading Islamic State scholar said. It sheds new light on how the group is trying to reinterpret centuries-old teachings to justify the rape of women in the swaths of Syria and Iraq it controls.”*

Read more here: http://www.reuters.com/article/usa-islamic-state-sexslaves-idUSKBN0UC0DZ20151229

Victims of ISIS- Terror survivors share their stories

Published on Oct 25, 2015

When in August 2014, ISIS invaded regions near Mount Sinjar in Iraq, the terrorists killed and abducted thousands of local Yazidi people many of them women and children who they sold openly at slave markets. The captives have had no one they could count on for help until one man decided to take on ISIS. Learn more at


ISIS atrocities against YAZIDI women

Those who do not convert face daily rape and a slow death
* They have been raped and sold off like property.
* Being raped by dozens of men over the course of a few hours.
* Mosul’s Badush prison, where the women are enslaved before trafficking them to third parties. Many of those held were teenagers.
* Women and girls as young as 14 are being offered the chance to convert. If they accept, they are sold as wives. If not, they are raped, tortured and eventually murdered.
* Babies are being born in the prison, and being immediately taken away from the mothers who have no idea of their fate.

isis atrocities against YAZIDI women

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Systematically killed on an industrial scale

Although Christians, Muslims and Jews have lived in northern Iraq and Syria for nearly two-thousand years, and at least six hundred years before Islam, today they face extinction across the region.

The world once solemnly promised to never allow another holocaust to happen again. Yet, we have witnessed episodes of ethnic cleansing and genocide repeatedly throughout history. Time and again, the world has stood silent as whole populations and tribes were exterminated, relocated, and forced into destitution.

Today, nobody is running toward the Christians to help them. These people are on their own and they have nothing!
ISIS is killing Christain

Article from: http://www.catholic.org/news/international/middle_east/story.php?id=56339


ISIS the Satanic Islamic Terrorists

The so-called “Islamic State” is slaughtering people in huge numbers!

The West continues to be all-but silent. The United States, no longer a voice for human rights, except as it pleases, does nothing; says nothing.

ISIS Horrors