‘Treated like cattle’: Yazidi women sold, raped, enslaved by ISIS

Aug. 3, 2014 – genocide Eziden, day 88
5,000 + massacred
4,000 + kidnapped
7,000 + surrounded
1,000 + missing
400,000 + sold

3. Aug. 2014 – Völkermord an Eziden, Tag 88
5.000 + massakriert
4.000 + entführt
7.000 + eingekesselt
1.000 + vermisst
400.000 + vertrieben

ISIS Attrocites, Yazidi Genocide


Syria Government: Starvation of civilians as a weapon of war

Syrian forces are mercilessly starving civilians to death, leaving them no choice but to eat cats and dogs to survive.

The more horrifying reality is that some have been even poisoned after eating cats, dogs, or inedible plants.

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Assad Syria Civil War

Syria’s other ‘weapons’ of war: Starvation and sickness

Syria Civil War Deaths, News, and Update: Palestinian Refugees Are ‘Eating Cats and Dogs’ to Survive

Killing goes on with no regard to law or to conscience

Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, holds executions, amputations and lashings in public squares on Fridays in the areas of the country that it controls, the report said, and urges civilians, including children, to watch.

Gains by the extremist groups as well as a large influx of foreign fighters have contributed to the increasing in violence, the report said.

“Hundreds of civilians are dying each day as the fighting goes on with no regard to law or to conscience,” said Paulo Pinheiro, the head of the commission, which was established in 2011 by the U.N. Human Rights Council to investigate violations of international human rights law.
ISIS war crime
SIS “mass atrocities” and war crimes:
Sectarian Violence | Mass Execution | Suicide Bombing | Beheading | Christian Genocide | Crucifixions |Kidnapping | Burying People Alive | Sexual Assault: Vicious Rape and Murder of Women and Children | Murder of everyone and anyone not a Muslim | Amputations | Public Executions and Whippings…..

The Rise Of ISIS Creates A Trap For Obama In Syria

Now, Isis has a vision being carried out – effectively, if with pure evil – by technocratic leaders with succession plans, flexible but enduing structures, and major funding, with major operations based out of its hub in Syria.

ISIS killing Christains

Journalism is not a crime

U.S. journalist James Foley was living his faith by bringing images to the world of people suffering from war and oppressive regimes.
James Foley