Syrian conflict an “extraordinarily brutal war”

Russia and China veto UN move to refer Syria to international criminal court

The 65 countries condemned “widespread violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed in a pervasive climate of impunity by the Syrian authorities and pro-government militias as well as by non-state armed groups”.

Russia has been one of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s main allies and has used its veto power four times at the 15-nation Security Council to prevent international sanctions on Syria.

“This was an opportunity for the world to stand up for justice for the Syrian people. Russia and China’s actions in preventing this are indefensible.”

The killers, destroyers and the torturers in Syria have been empowered and emboldened by the international paralysis…

10,000 Syrian children killed in civil war

The Black Massacre – a film by Nawzad Shekhany

A documentary about the genocide against the Ezidis by Nawzad Shekhany

ISIS Creates Humanitarian Catastrophe

Yazidi claim to have survived 72 genocides – by the Ottoman Turkish rulers of what is now Iraq, by Saddam Hussein and now by Islamic militants, have reduced the number of Yazidi from millions to an estimated 700,000.

Feared, villified and slaughtered for centuries, it is in many ways remarkable such a strong community of Yazidis still exists at all.
But now, with the Islamic State’s determination to wipe them out, they perhaps face their greatest test of all

humanitarian catastrophe

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ISIS Sets Up Sex Slave Trading for Hundreds of Christian Women

British female jihadis (all-women al-Khanssaa Brigade) are running brothels full of women kidnapped and forced into sex slavery by Islamic State militants.

These women are using barbaric interpretations of the Islamic faith to justify their actions. They believe the militants can use these women as they please as they are non-Muslims.

The Yazidi people are being ethnically cleansed, and their women are being subjected to the most brutal treatment.

The attractive one were taken to ISIS princes to be their personal sex slaves.

ISIS Sets Up Sex Slave Market to sell hundreds of Christian women.

ISIS: Give US Girls For Sex Jihad

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