The massacre of Douma by Assad regime on Aug 16-2015 part VI

A picture say a thousand words! Syria Bashar al-Assad and his regime disregard human lifes!

UN urged to demand halt to Syria air strikes. More than 70 nations sign letter to UN General Assembly to demand end to deadly attacks, especially use of barrel bombs.

Douma massacre disregard human life by Assad regime

Syria douma market bombed by Assad regime

Assad Missles hit Douma market place

Douma extermination by assad

Bomb Douma market palce by assad

Assad mass murdered civilian in Douma Syria

Douma deadliest attack by Assad regime

Save Douma extermination from assad

Save Douma Save syria from assad airstrike

Douma market targeted by Assad regime air forces

Extreme Cruelty of Assad Regime Forces Shown no Mercy Toward Prisoners

Human Rights Watch identified 27 detention centres that it says intelligence agencies have been using since President Bashar al-Assad’s government began a crackdown in March 2011 on pro-democracy protesters trying to oust him.

Syria Assad regime torture methods in the detention center:
1) Dulab – the victim is forced to bend at the waist and stick his head, neck, legs and sometimes arms into the inside of a car tire.

2) Beaten with objects – cables, whips, sticks, batons and pipes.

3) Shabeh – hanging the victim from the ceiling by the wrists.

4) Basat al-reeh– tying the victim down to a flat board with the head suspended in the air so the victim cannot defend himself.

5) Electrocution – was also used on those being held in the 27 torture centres.

6) Falaqa – beating the detainee with sticks, batons, or whips on the soles of the feet.

Syria Bashar al-Assad regime loyal forces, arrested and brutally tortured a group of unarmed Syrians to death

Syria Bashar al-Assad regime loyal forces Torture Prisoners to Death [Warning: Extremely Graphic]

Their bodies were later found on the outskirts of Al-Tell, in the Damascus Suburbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJq7qMFgLKk

First video was Published on Sep 24, 2012
This footage, originally filmed by soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad, was leaked to Syrian democracy activists who uploaded it on September 23. It depicts a group of men taken prisoner by the Syrian Army in August 2012. Bleeding profusely, they are subjected to extreme physical abuse, beating and whipping.

Their bodies were later found on the outskirts of Al-Tell, in the Damascus Suburbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJq7q…

Bashar al-Assad


We took their fingernails out with pliers and we made them eat them. We made them suck their own blood off the floor’: Grisly accounts from inside Syria’s ’27 torture centres

ISIS and Assad, both are the same!

Syrian civilians were stabbed, raped and killed by their own President Bashar al-Assad.
Pray for Syria!

Hadi Abdallah, a Syrian activist in Homs, told AFP the bodies of 26 children and 21 women, some with their throats slit and others bearing stab wounds, were found after a “massacre” in the Karm el-Zaytoun and Al-Adawiyeh neighbourhoods of the besieged central city.

“Some of the children had been hit with blunt objects on their head, one little girl was mutilated and some women were raped before being killed,” he said.

Massacre in Homs, Syria by Assad Regime

47 bodies found after ‘massacre’ in Homs: Syria opposition

Syria Freedom Forever – سوريا الحرية للأبد

Bashar al-Assad

Who Are the Yazidis and Why Is The ISIS Hunting Them

Published on Aug 8, 2014

The Iraqi ethnic and religious minority descends from some of the region’s most ancient roots and face executions for a reputation as ‘devil worshippers’


Assad’s atrocities:
1) “agents of death and destruction”
2) sieges and attacks
3) destabilized the region
4) killing and maiming scores of civilians daily
5) Shelling and aerial bombardment from a distance and up close
6) “starvation or submission”
7) drawn-out sieges and indiscriminate attacks
8) Checkpoints (encircle cities) meanwhile “are often the starting point of a horrific journey of disappearance, torture, sexual abuse and, for many, death”
9) Massacres, beheading children: “Terrorist Infiltrators”
10) Use of chemical weapons against his own people

published on Nov 19, 2014


Feeling hell already? this is what our brothers in Syria have been going through for the past 4 years.

Winter is here, please let’s not forget them, let’s help save the little ones from freezing to death. Search for a trusted organization near you and donate today! If you have already donated, donate more, if you already helped, help more, if you already pray for them, increase in your prayers, may Allah hasten his victory for them.

They are fighting the world’s Tyrants gathered from east to west in the most purest spot “Sham”, they’re fighting on behalf of the entire Ummah, and what did we do in return? Nothing but lending them our deadly silence and betrayal.

I ask Allah to save us from his curse and punishment for letting our brothers down, they are sacrificing their souls, and the souls of their loved ones yet we’re to lazy to sacrifice an atom weight of less than that.

We will all be questioned on the day of resurrection for this! This blessed revolution was decreed by Allah so He would distinguish the wicked from the good, which one of the two did you decide to be amongst?

They don’t need us, they have the lord of the heavens and the earth with them, and there are numerous Hadiths about the guarantee Allah has promised Syria (Al-Sham) and it’s people that He will take good care of them, rather it is we who will be amongst the losers both in this Dunya and on the day of judgment.

Read more: Assad atrocities outstrip Islamic State in Syria, UN panel says | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/assad-atrocities-outstrip-islamic-state-in-syria-un-panel-says/#ixzz3Jv32Ww73
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Assad Genocide Barrel Bombs against his own people

A mass killer with an international license to kill, maim, rape & destroy with total impunity. As U.S. attacks Islamic State, Syria steps up assaults on moderate rebels. 55 people were killed and more than 100 others wounded in those attacks.

Assad regime crimes against humanity

Boston Bombing is routine in Syria

Assad back to bombing civilians

Since Oct. 20 the Syrian military has staged at least 769 attacks including barrel bombings in many areas of Syria, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Bombing runs by the Syrian air force during the past 10 days have killed at least 221 civilians, a third of them children

Assad back to bombing civilians