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Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon World to Rescue the Yazidis

A very powerful speech which will make you cry if you care about another human being!

Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament “Fiyan Dakheel” (of the Kurdistan Alliance) collapses in tears after calling upon Humanity to rescue the Yazidis from Genocide. The Iraqi Parliament came together on 5 August 2014 to discuss the latest developments inside Iraq.

Many Iraqi Girls and Women still Remain in ISIS Captivity

Thousands of Yazidis still trapped on Mt. Sinjar despite Pentagon demurral on rescue

“The killing was not the hardest thing for me,” said Amsha Ali, who managed to escape from captivity in Mosul.”By God, when they took girls and women it was a very sad feeling for me. I saw a lot of murders, murders of Yazidis, but the killing was not the hardest thing for me. Even when they (IS) forced my husband, brother-in-law, and my father-in-law on the ground to be murdered – it was painful, but marrying (them) was the worst. It was hardest thing for me.”

Yazidis were kidnapped, raped, killed by isis

Many Iraqi Girls and Women still Remain in ISIS Captivity

Arab Neighbors joined ISIS slaughter, Yazidi!

In an exodus of almost biblical proportions, thousands trudge across a river to escape killers belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

Entire families carry nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some are barefoot.

Jamir said after ISIS arrived in his town, Arab neighbors of his turned on the minorities and helped ISIS kill. “They join them, and actually they kill us.”

Jamir said two of his young brothers didn’t make it. “What we do?” he said. “Not enough water and dusty. … They died.

“We are poor people. We don’t have any problem with anybody. We need the international community to help us.”

Yazidi christian genocide by isis

Yazidi – Homeless – Stateless – Nationless

All of the villages around us are Arabs, and they joined with Daash (the Arabic term for ISIL) against us. They are our neighbours. We have known them all our lives. We don’t know what happened to them. They say if we come back they will kill us. They say, ‘we have taken your house, your car, your fields.’ This is why we do not want to go back.

Where is the World?

Help Syria Children |

Save the Kurdish Children |

Yazidi stateless nations and nationless states

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The Canadian government pledged $5 million in aid for Iraqi civilians as the Islamic State continued its assault on religious minorities.

They’re not Muslims — they’re actually anti-Islam in their beliefs and the way that they act.

Iraqi (Canadians) Protest against ISIS terrorism in Iraq

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Canada’s role in ISIS crisis criticized at Edmonton protest

Thousands protest violence against Iraqi Christians at Queen’s Park

ISIS ‘betraying’ Muslims, says Calgary imam before hunger strike

ISIS Raping & Selling Girls As Sex Slaves

Rooms of horror where the women are raped, often by different men and throughout the day.

* They treat us like slaves. We are always ‘given’ to different men. Some arrive straight from Syria.

* They threaten us and beat us if we try to resist. Often I wish they would beat me so hard I will die.

* Some of the youngest girls have stopped talking because of the abuse and were taken away by their captors. Many of the women have attempted to end their lives.

* Sometimes I feel as though it will never end. And if it did, my life would remain forever scarred by the torture I have suffered the past few weeks.

* They have already killed my body. They are now killing my soul.


ISIS Kidnaps, Sells Women as 'Sex Slaves'

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In Iraq there is no peace for Yazidis

Those people are not people, they’re monsters. They’re not even monsters; monsters are better. I don’t think we can ever go home. It’s finished.

Yazidi, one of Iraq’s oldest minorities. They were forced to flee to Mount Sinjar in the Iraqi north-west region, or face slaughter by an encircling group of Islamic State (Isis) jihadists.

The Yazidis had been denounced as infidels by Al-Qaida in Iraq, a predecessor of Isis, which sanctioned their indiscriminate killing.

The rise of Islamic fundamentalism more broadly has pushed thousands of Yazidis to seek asylum in Europe.

Iraq's Yazidis Fleeing from ISIS Ethnic Cleansing