Human rights in Syria

Syria President Bashar al-Assad Regime Atrocities

The evidence is conclusive that the Syria Bashar al-Assad regime is committing intentional crimes against humanity. Among the crimes the al-Assad regime is committing are: indiscriminant aerial bombardment, widespread attacks on civilians, arbitrary detention of thousands in the political opposition, genocidal massacres of whole villages of Sunni Muslims, rape of detainees, widespread torture- including torture and murder of children- and denial of food, water, medicines and other essential resources to civilians.

The Alawite government of Bashar al-Assad believes it is about to lose all power in a zero-sum, winner take all revolution. Its massacres have become genocidal. Early warning signs and stages of genocide in Syria are:

1) Prior unpunished genocidal massacres, such as those perpetrated by Assad’s father in Hama in the 1980’s;
2) Rule by a minority sect – the Alawite sect that supports Bashar al-Assad – with an exclusionary ideology
3) Systematic human rights atrocities;
4) Fear by the ruling elite that any compromise will mean total loss of their power;
5) Deliberate targeting of particular groups — Sunni Muslims civilian and Syrian army defectors;
6) Denial by the Syrian government that it is committing crimes against humanity, blaming “foreign – inspired terrorist gangs” for the armed conflict.

Article: Genocide and Mass Atrocities Alert: Syria

Syria Assad Regime War Crimes

Syria Assad regime loyal army crime against humanity

Syria Assad regime brutality toward prisoners

Syria Bashar al-Assad regime genocide

Bashar al-Assad regime torture detainees to death

Syria President Bashar al-Assad torture, rape and beaten, detainees

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

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Syria Assad Regime Silent War Crime: Systematic Mass Rape

Rape is use as weapon of war and as a tool of ethnic domination

Evidence is piling up that the Assad regime has used rape – of daughters in front of fathers, wives in front of husbands – as a targeted weapon to control, intimidation, and humiliation throughout the conflict.

Rape appears to be utilized during this conflict in horrifyingly soul-crushing, creative ways. Beyond simply raping detainees, Shabiha members or Syrian army soldiers have reportedly carried out the rapes of family members or other women in front of prisoners. Young boys were also assaulted while they were held in government detention.

The head of the Syrian League for Human Rights Abdel Karim Rihaoui has no doubt: “It is a political choice made to crush the people. Technique, sadism, perversity: Everything is meticulously organized.
A young girl from Hama, currently a refugee in the United States, who was at home with her three brothers when soldiers burst in and told the three men to rape their sister. The first refused; they decapitated him. The second refused; he suffered the same fate. The third accepted; they killed him on the girl, whom they then raped.
27-year-old mother of four, a graduate in management, was arrested at a checkpoint in the suburbs of Damascus. She spent 38 days in a detention center of the air force intelligence services, with around 100 other women.

“I’ve been through everything! I’ve been battered, flogged with steel cables, had cigarette butts in the neck, razor blades all over my body, electricity in my vagina. I’ve been raped while blindfolded every day by several men who stank of alcohol and obeyed their superior’s orders, who was always there. They shouted: “You wanted freedom? Well here it is!”
“The girls would generally be shot when everyone had finished,” the Syrian soldier said. “They wanted it to be known in the neighborhoods that the girls had been raped, but they didn’t want the girls to survive and be able to identify them later.”
“The security forces and the Shabiha took whole families outside after destroying their homes,” a woman named Amaltold the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat in June 2012. “They stripped my girls from their clothes, raped them then killed them with knives. They were shouting: ‘You want freedom? This is the best brand of freedom.’”
“I saw maybe 100 women stripped naked and used as human shields, forced to walk on all sides of the army tanks during the fighting. When their tanks rolled back into the Alawite neighbourhood, the women disappeared with them.”
A group of Syrian army soldiers had come to their house in Homs, tied up their father and brother, and raped the three women in front of them. The woman cried as she went on to describe how after raping them the soldiers opened their legs and burned their vaginas with cigarettes. They allegedly told the women during this: “You want freedom? This is your freedom.”
They put a bag on her head and led her to the basement of a detention center, where she was thrown into a pitch black cell full of rats. She spent two days in solitary confinement, with no food or water, before joining two other women in a tiny cell where she spent six months. “We couldn’t lie down. We weren’t allowed to wash ourselves, even during our periods. We were raped every day, as they chanted: “We Alawites will destroy you.” A single sign of protest and we had electric prods in the vagina or anus. They beat me so much that they broke my leg. It turned black. My family didn’t hear about me for six months. As I can’t read or write, I signed any confession with my index finger.” When she was released, her husband had disappeared with their car.

Syria Assad Regime use rape as a weapon of war

Confessions of an Assad ‘Shabiha’ loyalist: how I raped and killed for £300 a month

Syria’s Silent War Crime: Systematic Mass Rape

Syria rape crisis

Syria Assad Regime Celebrates Human Rights Day by bombing his people into Pieces

On December 10 – Human Rights Day – (6) Children have been killed by Syrian Assad regime forces as documented.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed 10 December as Human Rights Day in 1950, to bring to the attention ‘of the peoples of the world’ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.

This year’s slogan, Human Rights 365, encompasses the idea that every day is Human Rights Day. It celebrates the fundamental proposition in the Universal Declaration that each one of us, everywhere, at all times is entitled to the full range of human rights, that human rights belong equally to each of us and bind us together as a global community with the same ideals and values.

“I call on States to honour their obligation to protect human rights every day of the year. I call on people to hold their governments to account “

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Syria’s human rights situation remained among the worst in the world.

11,000 detainees include children were tortured to death by Assad Regime.
150,000 detainees include men, women and children are still in regime’s custody.

Not a single action has been taken against Assad Regime Bashar al-Assad!

Syria Assad Regime torture detainees to death
Bashar al-Assad

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Barrel Bombs Assad’s ‘Latest Barbaric Act’ Attack on Syria

Syrian government dropped barrel bombs on a displaced persons camp in the northwestern province of Idlib.

“It’s a massacre of refugees!” “Let the whole world see this, they are displaced people. Look at them, they are civilians, unarmed displaced civilians.”

6000+ Barrel Bombs had been dropped by the Assad’s regime on different populated cities to punish his own people since the 2011 uprising.

Syria Bashar al-Assad Regime Atrocities Crime against humanity


Syria Assad’s Regime War on Doctors 6

Remember the Syrian doctors who risk their life to save life!
Thanksgiving Day 2014

Syrian Doctors: As doctors, we treat everyone regardless of their political views
Syria Assad: Doctors are dangerous to the Syria Assad’s Regime
Syria Assad’s military intelligence officers: We are shooting at them in order to kill them. This is obvious, since you are stopping him from dying, you are a terrorist.

More than 560 Syrian doctors and nurses were reportedly killed by the Syria Bashar al-Assad‘s regime forces since the start of the ongoing war in 2011. Hundreds have disappeared into Syrian jails.

1) Assad’s troops purposefully denied people medical care as a “weapon of war”
2) The Syrian troop army has occupied hospitals, using them as bases for snipers, tanks and soldiers.
3) Patients had also been beaten, burned with cigarettes and tortured to death in a Syria military hospital in Mezze, Damascus.
4) Intentionally directing attacks against hospitals and places containing the sick and the wounded.


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Haidar Ali al-Fandi


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Osama Bakrah


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Adel al-Hassan


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Sufian az-Zoubi


Syrian Doctor: Ziauddin Badran


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Bashar Sinawhar


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed Bazz


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed Qasem Agha


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Samer al-Hamed


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Ahmed Lyad Faltih


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Wahid Akidi


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed al-Jalad


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Fares Ghali

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Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 5

Working in a field hospital is like death!
International law is supposed to protect health workers treating anyone who is sick or wounded. Not in Syria!

The regime has in turn embarked on a brutal campaign to destroy the hospitals and kill their medical staffs.

In response to such barbarism, and in defiance of the new strategy, local doctors, supported by a few daring nongovernmental organizations, have set up field hospitals in factories, farms, houses, cultural centers, caves and even chicken coops to provide surgery and other care to the injured.

The regime is targeting anyone giving medical care in opposition-run areas.











Bashar al-Assad

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Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 4

A direct assault on the medical system by the Syrian Assad government as a strategy of war.

1) 50+ of the country’s 88 public hospitals have closed because of the ongoing conflict. Many of them in contested areas or in areas outside of government control.
2) Syrian troop forces began detaining doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, relief workers in Homs and other contested areas.
3) The deliberate destruction of pharmacies affects more than the war-wounded.
4) Destruction of power plants by the Syrian troops means no electricity, making it impossible to maintain a cold-chain for vaccines. X-Ray machines and operating room lights are dependent on generators.
5) Paramedics have been tortured and used as human shields.
6) Ambulances have been targeted by snipers and missiles.
7) Emergency medical squads are routinely prevented from evacuating not only wounded rebel fighters but also injured children and other civilians from rebel-held territory.

Direct attacks on medical workers and patients are not only appalling, they also violate the Geneva Conventions.











Bashar al-Assad

#Syria #ASSAD #AssadCrimes #AssadWarcrimes #AssadGenocide #AssadHolocaust #syria_crisis #syria_conflict #syriacivilwar #torture #syrian_torture #syrian_refugees #childrenofsyria #Damascus #Aleppo