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Stop Syria Assad Regime Torture Syrian Children

Syria Assad Regime deliberately targeted children!

Syria’s children’s basic rights was denied (food, water & medicine), they are suffering in silence!

“Syria’s children have been silently witnessing and experiencing the horrors of the war and its consequences for more than three years. Many have not been to school for years. But they are the future of Syria and we need to offer them hope and support”, said ECHO’s Jane Lewis. The conflict in Syria has lasted for three years, eight months and five days – the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times. It has caused immense human suffering and children are the biggest victims.

These children are deprived of the very basic rights the Convention is meant to guarantee, including the right to go to school and the right to protection”, said ECHO’s Jane Lewis.

At least 1.6 million children have fled the conflict, and become refugees in neighbouring countries, while more than five million children are in need of humanitarian assistance.

“With every day that goes on in this conflict, Syrian children are denied the little big things that make up childhood; the safety of home, the comfort of friends to play with, dreaming about the future while enjoying the present. All of that is put on hold or erased forever because someone, somewhere, decided this was not a priority”, said Roger Hearn, of Save the Children.

Stop Syria Assad Regime Torture Syrian Children

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Syria Assad Regime Continue Air Raid on Christmas Day

42 regime air raids on East Ghouta on Christmas day 26-12-2014. Over 200 civilians dead and wounded in Aleppo air raids, including many children

Syria Assad Regime dropped bombson populated area on Christmas day

26-12-2014: Assad’s warplanes and helicopter gunships carried out 42 air raids on towns and villages across the East Ghouta region of Damscus province on Christmas day, with targets including Deir al Asafir, Douma, Duwair and Harasta, resulting in large numbers of casualties. The regime air force also targeted Jobar in Damascus with four air raids.

In Aleppo province, more than 200 civilians were killed or wounded in multipe air strikes on the towns of Al Bab and Kobasi, according to locals speaking to the Syria Direct network . Another 36 civilians, mostly children, died in local field hospitals of wounds sustained in the air raids on the two towns, according to the ‘Medecins Sans Frontiers’ organisation.

The regime airforce also carried out dozens of air raids on villages in Idlib province using TNT-filled barrel bombs.

In Hama province, meanwhile, the Hama Media Centre reported that regime helicopter gunships dropped more than 15 TNT-filled barrel bombs on the towns of Kafr Zita and Al-Latamneh, as well as villages in the surrounding hills, including Karoum, Bazaq and Jubaa.
The regime air force also carried out 18 air raids on villages in Quneitra province, with heavy fighting continuing between regime and resistance forces in rural areas of the province.

Meanwhile in Daraa province, Assad’s helicopter gunships dropped four more barrel bombs on Bosr al Harir.

In Homs province, many people were wounded, mostly children, in regime warplanes’ and helicopter gunships’ bombardment of the town of Rastan, while in Talbiseh, also in northern Homs province, Assad’s air force and ground forces subjected the town and surrounding areas to its east to heavy bombardment.

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Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 1

The Assad regime has come to view doctors as dangerous, their ability to heal rebel fighters and civilians in rebel-held areas a weapon against the government. Over the past two and a half years, doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists who provide treatment to civilians in contested areas have been arrested and detained; paramedics have been tortured and used as human shields, ambulances have been targeted by snipers and missiles; medical facilities have been destroyed; the pharmaceutical industry devastated.











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