destabilized the region


Assad’s atrocities:
1) “agents of death and destruction”
2) sieges and attacks
3) destabilized the region
4) killing and maiming scores of civilians daily
5) Shelling and aerial bombardment from a distance and up close
6) “starvation or submission”
7) drawn-out sieges and indiscriminate attacks
8) Checkpoints (encircle cities) meanwhile “are often the starting point of a horrific journey of disappearance, torture, sexual abuse and, for many, death”
9) Massacres, beheading children: “Terrorist Infiltrators”
10) Use of chemical weapons against his own people

published on Nov 19, 2014


Feeling hell already? this is what our brothers in Syria have been going through for the past 4 years.

Winter is here, please let’s not forget them, let’s help save the little ones from freezing to death. Search for a trusted organization near you and donate today! If you have already donated, donate more, if you already helped, help more, if you already pray for them, increase in your prayers, may Allah hasten his victory for them.

They are fighting the world’s Tyrants gathered from east to west in the most purest spot “Sham”, they’re fighting on behalf of the entire Ummah, and what did we do in return? Nothing but lending them our deadly silence and betrayal.

I ask Allah to save us from his curse and punishment for letting our brothers down, they are sacrificing their souls, and the souls of their loved ones yet we’re to lazy to sacrifice an atom weight of less than that.

We will all be questioned on the day of resurrection for this! This blessed revolution was decreed by Allah so He would distinguish the wicked from the good, which one of the two did you decide to be amongst?

They don’t need us, they have the lord of the heavens and the earth with them, and there are numerous Hadiths about the guarantee Allah has promised Syria (Al-Sham) and it’s people that He will take good care of them, rather it is we who will be amongst the losers both in this Dunya and on the day of judgment.

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They beat, whipped, burned, shot, and castrated a 13 year old boy

People who brutally tortured and killed a child are not human!
Where are the human rights committees?
Where is the International Criminal Court?

Sadism of the Assad Regime’s Violence:
1) Male and child rape
2) Practice of sexual torture used on male detainees
3) Detainees were raped in front of their family
4) Their wives and daughters would also be raped
5) Some stated that they had been anally raped with batons
6) Beatings of genitals
7) Forced oral sex
8) Electroshocks
9) Cigarette burns to the anus…

The Syrian authorities are brutally torturing and killing prisoners simply for being involved in political protests.

13-year-old, Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, disappeared on 29 April during protests against the siege of Dera’a. The boy was later found dead with apparent blunt force injuries and a severed penis.

The body of another victim, Tariq Ziad Abd al-Qadr, from Homs, was returned to his family on 16 June. His family were horrified to learn the extent of his injuries, which included ripped-out hair, marks to the neck and penis possibly caused by electric shocks, an apparent cigarette burn, whipping marks, stab wounds and burns.

The body of Dr Sakher Hallak, who ran an eating disorders clinic in Aleppo, was discovered by the side of a road a few days after his arrest on 25 May. Sources said his injuries included broken ribs, arms and fingers, gouged eyes and mutilated genitals.

Hamza al-Khateeb

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A 16 year old describes being arrested by Assad’s forces: “Once, I was arrested along with hundreds of other people. They separated out the children and I was the oldest at 16. … There was a group of small children with us whose parents were ‘wanted’. There were perhaps 13 children in total. They weren’t allowed food or water. When it was time for us to eat, their group was surrounded by armed men who stopped anyone giving them food. These children were too weak to even cry. They just lay on the floor. They were also subjected to repeated beating with sticks, worse than us. I knew a boy called Ala’a. He was part of that group. He was only six years old. He didn’t understand what was happening. His dad was told that his child would die unless he gave himself up. I’d say that this six-year-old boy was tortured more than anyone else in that room. He wasn’t given food or water for three days, and he was so weak he used to faint all the time. He was beaten regularly. I watched him die. He only survived for three days and then he simply died. He was terrified all the time.”

This story is not from Nazi-occupied Europe in World War Two. This is from Assad’s Syria in 2011-12.

Refugee total from Syria’s civil war passes 3 million mark

GENEVA — The civil war in Syria has forced a record 3 million people out of the country as more than a million people fled in the past year, the U.N. refugee agency said Friday.

“3 million indictments of government brutality, opposition violence and international failure.”

Lebanon hosts 1.14 million Syrian refugees, the single highest concentration. Turkey has 815,000 and Jordan has 608,000.

syrian children dying

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