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Barrel Bombs Assad’s ‘Latest Barbaric Act’ Attack on Syria

Syrian government dropped barrel bombs on a displaced persons camp in the northwestern province of Idlib.

“It’s a massacre of refugees!” “Let the whole world see this, they are displaced people. Look at them, they are civilians, unarmed displaced civilians.”

6000+ Barrel Bombs had been dropped by the Assad’s regime on different populated cities to punish his own people since the 2011 uprising.

Syria Bashar al-Assad Regime Atrocities Crime against humanity


Syria’s Children: A Generation Lost to War?

The trauma-filled tragedy of Syria’s child refugees
The Syrian civil war is creating a generation of traumatized, isolated and under-educated children, child Breadwinners who are vulnerable to exploitation.

Hundreds of thousands have been uprooted to flee with their families, frequently witnessing death, destruction, Airplanes drop bombs, Soldiers fire guns at civilians, Houses are consumed by flames, Tanks roll down streets lined with flowers.

It will be years before anyone knows if the emotional wounds caused by the conflict will leave permanent scars.

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie said, “The world must act to save a generation of traumatized, isolated and suffering Syrian children from catastrophe.”.

Syrian children tortured by Assad Regime

Syria War Creates Generation of 1.1 Million Lost Children

Syria’s traumatized refugee children will be the ones to rebuild their country

Syrian war leaves children traumatized

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Syria Conflict: A complex multi-sided civil war!

Syria’s Assad Intensifies “Barbaric” Barrel Bomb Attacks As World Looks Away — Most of the casualties are women and children.

No doubt, the Syrian regime will benefit from a war against Islamic State that is a war fought by the international coalition.

Syrian warplanes dropped bombs, including steel drums packed full of explosives and shrapnel, in Hama, Idlib, Homs and Aleppo provinces and around Damascus. The air strikes went down about 90 percent, but then there were more, more and more than before…

Assad Regime Atrocities

Washington Post seizes on chemical weapons claims to press for wider war in Syria

Syria’s army goes on the offensive as U.S. bombs Assad’s foes

Syria’s Assad Intensifies “Barbaric” Barrel Bomb Attacks As World Looks Away — Most of the casualties are women and children