Assad Dropped 10K Barrel Bombs & 19K Air Raids Jan-Jun 2015

Between Jan – Jun 2015, Assad regime was responsible for:
1) 10,423 Barrel Bombs
2) 19,205 Air Raids
3) Killing 1,213 opposition fighters
4) Killing 2,916 civilians, including 665 children and 456 women
5) Wounding 18,000 civilians

During the month of July alone, Assad regime has conducted nearly 7,000 bombardments. Most intense bombing since the beginning of the Syria war in 2011.

al-assad bashar syria bomb innocent syrian children

Assad regime step up bombing on civilians from jan to jun 2015

Syria Assad regime  conducted 7000 bombardments on civilians

Syria Assad dropped 7000 bombs during July 2015

Syrian government assad regime dropped 7000 bombs on civilian population


Syria Assad regime  conducted 7000 bombardments on civilians in july 2015 alone

Syria Assad regime increase bombardments during july 2015

Shock or Used to Innocent Syrians who are tortured and killed daily

What more evidence do you need?
Navi Pillay, the U.N.’s top human rights official criticized the world’s “paralysis” over the fighting in Syria, which “has dropped off the international radar” in the face of so many other armed conflicts around the world.

Syrian Regime torture, rape, starve, murder innocent civilians

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