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A History of Syria – Documentary

Published on Sep 11, 2015

Dan Snow travels to Syria to see how the country’s fascinating and tumultuous history is shaping the current civil war. For thousands of years empires and despots have fought for control of the strategically vital region, leaving behind stunning temples, castles and mosques, as well as a diverse cultural heritage. Those conflicts – from the Roman conquests to the crusades, from the French colonial invasion to the military coups of the 1960s – loom large in today’s conflict. For those confused by the seemingly random nature of the bloodshed and slaughter, Dan Snow unpicks the historic divisions between Sunnis and Alawites, Islamists and secularists, east and west.

Syria Aleppo Quweiq River Massacre by Assad Regime

In late January 2013, during the Syrian Civil War, the bodies of approximately 110 men and boys, most with hands bound behind the back, mouths sealed with tape, and gunshot wounds to the head, were found on the edges of the river in a part of Aleppo controlled by opposition forces. Very few of the victims were over 30. Many victims showed signs of torture. Human Rights Watch reported that family members of many of the victims testified that they were last seen in a government-controlled area or after they set out to cross into the area through two checkpoints, one manned by opposition forces and the other by government forces. Most of the families interviewed by Human Rights Watch insisted that the victims had not been involved with the armed opposition or actively participated in demonstrations. They said, in many cases, that the victims were merchants. Some had shops in the government-controlled area but lived in the opposition-controlled area, and others regularly crossed into the government-controlled area to buy supplies that they sold in markets in the opposition-controlled area. The victims are believed to have been detained, tortured, executed, and dumped by government forces into the river over a period of several weeks. The bodies floated downstream from a government held portion of the river into a rebel held portion in the Bustan al-Qasr district. The bodies only became apparent when the winter high waters resided in late January. In February, a grate was lowered from a bridge into the river in opposition held territory to help catch other bodies floating down.

Between February and mid-March 2013, between 80 and 120 additional bodies were dragged from the river. An average of several bodies every day. The continual appearance of these bodies has led the Queiq (Quweiq) River to be referred to as “The River of Martyrs” by locals. In March, a film crew from Britain’s Channel 4, filmed residents pulling four bodies from the river on a single morning. At the end of March, Aleppo’s opposition authorities reduced the level of the water in the river so it could no longer carry bodies downstream. As a result, locals have been spared from fishing out dead bodies from the river.

The Syrian Institute for Justice investigated in this case and held a press conference to reveal the truth of that crime. Abdulkader Mandou, the Head Manager of Syrian Institute for Justice, who is a human rights attorney, is leading this case. He hopes that they may present this case file to an international tribunal as part of transitional justice in Syria.

Aleppo (Queiq) River Massacre by the Assad regime dated on 29 Jan 2013

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Syria Queiq River Massacre

Why the Syrian Assad Regime is Killing Babies?

The killing of children by a regime is to intimidate the opposition

The Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is trying to restore a balance of fear, perhaps the most powerful weapon in the hands of tyrants throughout history.

Syria Assad Regime atrocities: 20,000+ Syrian children were killed/ 250,000+ Syrian were killed…

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