Assad Kill Children

“Syria has gone now 40 years backwards from where it was”, the country is “one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a child.”

The war violence has killed more than 20,000 children in Syria, who are often are not accidental victims of war, but rather deliberately targeted. Witnesses say children and infants have been killed by snipers, or become victims of summary executions or torture. Schools have been bombed. Syrian children are denied to access to the basic of food, water and medicine.

Syria Assad regime torture children to death in his prison system

Syria Bashar al-Assad torture and kill children in his custody

Syria regime government torture young children to death while they are in prison

Syria Assad forces detain and kill children

Syria Assad regime systematic torture and kill Syrian children

Syria Basha al-Assad regime torture starve rape kill Syrian children

Syria Assad regime mass murder Syrian children

Syria Assad regime government massacre Syrian children

Syria Bashar al-Assad government torture massacre children

Syrian government Bashar al-Assad starve torture abuse rape Syrian children

syria_assad_torture_syiran_children_14 syria_assad_torture_syiran_children_17 syria_assad_torture_syiran_children_20 syria_assad_torture_syiran_children_24 syria_assad_torture_syiran_children_27

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