Stripped of her dignity and her love

Orient Net – Yasser Ashkar
Publication Date: 2016-01-19


“They were threatening my husband that they will detain me and unclothe me in front of him. Still he refused to give them information about his friends thinking that I had fled to Beirut as we had previously agreed. He did not know that they had caught me and brought me back from the border to the detective department of the Air Force Security Branch.”

“Maryam”, as she requested to be called before beginning to tell her story, continued, “They brought me to the department and I was blindfolded and handcuffed. I was being dragged by my wrists. I remember them dragging me down several stairs then opening a door and throwing me inside a room filled with offensive smells of fetid bodies mixed with the smell of smoke. I remained on the floor until I heard the voice of the detective ordering me to stand up in an insulting and obscene way. Then I heard him saying to my husband:

“Here we go … your wife is with us now, are you willing to confess or no? If we had known how lovely and sweet she is we would have detained her earlier.” the detective said.

Maryam continued, “Then my husband started crying and begging the investigator to release me assuring him that he will admit to everything and tell them what he knows and that I am not involved in his activities at all.”

The detective replied harshly:”After entering the bath, it’s not easy to keep from getting wet.”

The detective went over to Maryam and put his hand on her hair and started describing her body to her husband, who began to cry even harder and kept insisting that he was ready to tell them everything.But it was too late according to the investigator and he ordered his men to unclothe Maryam. He then told her husband that they were going to play a clothing and information game.

“Whenever I feel that you are hiding any information, a piece of your wife’s clothing will be removed” the detective uttered.

Maryam wrapped her arms around her body as if trying to protect herself from the memory of those difficult moments and said;

“It’s been a year and a half but I still recall every detail as if it is happening now”.

She took a deep breath as if trying to inhale all the oxygen in the air and then continued;

“My husband began to narrate all the information he knew as he was crying. However, the men continued to unclothe me until I was completely naked. I tried curling myself into a ball to cover my body but they prevented me and held meup and forced me to stand.”

In those moments “Maryam” was no longer thinking of herself as much as she was thinking of her husband who was moaning— and then she heard them shouting at him and stomping and kicking him with their feet. And then no more sounds could be heard. Someone said that he was dead.The detective laughed while jeering “Are you really dead?” This was followed by laughter of the men, and then the detective commented: “This was the fastest heart attack in the world.”

Maryam woke up later and found herself in the hospital .She was sent to Adra prison later and released after some time.

Today Maryam lives in Istanbul and is trying to recover from her wounds. She is also attempting to start a new life and put her past experiences behind her. But it’s not easy to forget the memory of things that Maryam describes as being “too heavy for even mountains to bear the weight of.”

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