Russian Air Force uses White Phosphorus and Cluster Bombs in Aleppo

Russian Air Force uses White Phosphorus and Cluster Bombs in Aleppo

WORLD JUST WATCHES THIS- there are children screaming & crying – Just as your children cry & clutch at you!

Published on Jun 9, 2016

Russian bombing of battle scarred Syrian city of Aleppo has hit an all time high as Assad regime forces make big gains on the ground. Now even cluster bombs, meant to attack large formations of troops in the open, are being dropped on the sprawling metropolis that two million Syrians once called home.

Assad Putin use illegal chemical weapon bomb civilian

Russian forces are believed to have used thermite, which burns at 2,200C, to bomb residential areas of Aleppo Mustafa Sultan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images


Russia is breaching international conventions by dropping incendiaries similar to white phosphorus on to residential neighbourhoods in the Syrian city of Aleppo in what is thought to be the prelude to a ground assault to retake the city from rebel forces.

Photographs have also shown what experts believe to be a thermobaric bomb, the most powerful explosive apart from a nuclear weapon, being detonated next to urban areas, with potentially devastating effects for civilians.

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illegal chemical weapons were used by assad & putin


Russia Putin use phosphorus chemical weapons to bomb syrian civilians

Phosphorus bombs were used by Russia Putin to kill syrian civilians



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