Syrian Soldiers Torture Prisoner into Calling Assad God

Syrian Soldiers Torture A Prisoner into Calling Assad ‘God’!
Syrian Civilians living a ‘life worse than death’!

Published on Sep 16, 2012

This footage, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on July 4, 2012, depicts a group of soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad brutally beating a prisoner detained for unknown offenses. It’s location could not be independently verified.

Although his body is already covered in severe bruises, his interrogators continue to subject him to intense physical abuse. They taunt him by asking him if “this is the freedom you want” and repeatedly beat him into praising Bashar al-Assad as “his God”.


Uploaded on Dec 13, 2011

Inside Assad’s Torture Chambers, 2011 – Syria’s military stand accused of large scale torturing, here are some first hand accounts of such acts.

For downloads and more information visit:

This shocking report exposes the routine and sadistic torture the Syrian military has used on prisoners despite Assad refuting claims that his government is waging a brutal crackdown.

Despite the UN accusing the Syrian government forces of crimes against humanity, Assad defiantly refuses to acknowledge the torture and killings taking place under his command. The testimonies of those involved tell a different story. One man who served for a decade in Syria’s much-feared Military Intelligence gives a terrifying account of the torture that he and Assad’s other enforcers would use on children as well as adults. A 13-year-old speaks boy speaks about how he was electrocuted and the “ultimate pain” of having his big toe nail ripped out with pliers by Assad’s thugs. In another account, an illiterate farmer speaks eloquently about how he endured a month of torture and Kafka-esque interrogation,leaving him with permanent damage.

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