New York City Supporting Doctors and Nurses in Syria

Assad, Russia, Iran war on doctors and target hospitals

Supporters demand an end to the bombing of hospitals in Syria at a die-in to defend Syrian health professionals hosted by Physicians for Human Rights and the Syrian American Medical Society in New York City 29 Oct 2015.

** Solidarity for the medical staffs who lost their lives trying to save lives.
** To honor the heroic efforts and to mourn the loss of our Syrian colleagues.
** We stand to insist international community to recognize targeted attacks on health care professionals as a despicable crime.

Syrian doctors, nurses, medic were killed by assad regime

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad bomb hospitals

syrian doctors were arrested, tortured, murdered by assad regime

syrians doctors are targeted by Syrian government assad regime

assad regime bombed hospitals, doctors

Assad regime murdered syrian health care professionals doctors, nurses, medic

Syrian doctors were bombed by assad regime

assad killed doctors, bomb hospitals

Assad war on doctors

Syrian government target hospitals, school, markets, kill doctors, nurses

Syrian doctors were killed by assad regime

Assad regime targeted health care professionals in syria

Syria Assad regime target hospitals, doctors, ambulances, medics

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