The massacre of Douma by Assad regime on Aug 16-2015 part II

It is believed by SOHR (The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) and others that war planes fired missiles into a heavily-populated market then another when people were trying to attend to the wounded.

Activist Mazen al-Shami told The Associated Press that ‘the regime is targeting civilians to avenge’ a recent capture of a local army base by dissidents.

Since 2011, the US has repeatedly asked President Assad to step down and there are around 10m people from Syria in need of humanitarian assistance, the UN estimates.

Assad has been in power since 2000, succeeding his father who had ruled for 30 years.

Douma massacre committed by Syrian Assad regime

assad bomb douma killing hundred civilians

assad regime massacre douma civilians

bashar al-assad carry out massacre on douma civilians

Syrian government Assad regime bomb douma massacre civilians

bashar al-assad killing civilian in Douma Damascus Syria

Assad mass murder killing civilian Douma market massacre

Killing civilian bomb market Assad regime atrocities

Douma marketplace genocide massacre civilians

Assad massacre Douma civilians

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