‘I was being shot at by snipers’: Filmmaker risks his life to tell Aleppo’s story

Published on Mar 17, 2015

“In the media, the conflict is portrayed as a Syrian uprising, focusing on acts of terrorism. I believe this portrayal obscures the true nature of the conflict. That is why I want our film to be seen by people – to give the Syrian people a voice. No one else is speaking for them. We want this film to give Syrians a chance to speak to the world.”

We speak with Polish director Wojciech Szumowski who spent the summer of 2013 in #Aleppo, documenting how #Syria’s largest city was turned into rubble and abandoned of life. Szumowski tells us the people of Aleppo were not afraid, and if they were not afraid, he was not afraid. They were his strength while filming.

“I know that my friends from Aleppo haven’t lost hope yet, however, it’s getting much more difficult for them to hold onto that hope.
If the world doesn’t help them take down the regime of Bashar al-Assad, their hope will turn into just a dream.”

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