I had no blood left in me – Youssef 14 Jordan

“I had no blood left in me” – Youssef, 14, Jordan – Handicap International

Published on May 13, 2014

Please donate today: Help us provide emergency care for those in urgent need: http://bit.ly/SyriaAppeal-HIUK

Youssef heard the missile coming, but it was too late. His father was told his son would bleed to death in six hours if his leg was not amputated. In this film we meet a courageous young man. With the support of the Handicap International team and in particular his physiotherapist, Suad, Youssef is determined to see his rehabilitation through.

It is over three years since the conflict in Syria began. In this time, Handicap International has provided vital humanitarian aid to injured civilians, disabled refugees and other vulnerable people caught up in this brutal conflict. In Jordan, Lebanon and in Syria, our 400 strong team of physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists and other specialists have dedicated themselves to those in urgent need.

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