Syrian Children Stopped Singing and Burst into Tears

Syrian Children in Kiless, Turkey They Stopped Singing and Burst into Tears

Published on Mar 7, 2013

They told me I am a free Man, with my forehead held high and never to be dishonored. I did not practice freedom, I only wrote about it on walls”….. With these words, some children, in Kiless camp, express the ultimate price for freedom and dignity, which is demanded by their parents, and paid for by all Syrian children.

An activist who has visited the area said: “During a journey to Kiless camp, one of the activists attended a party held in one of the mosques of the camp. A group of girls stepped up the podium to sing, but while singing they began crying one after the other.

Then they all stopped singing, stepped down and burst into tears at a corner in the mosque. One of them was crying over the martyrs of Syria, another one was crying over her brother, a child and his sister were crying their father who is in jail! This is our children’s situation in the camps.

Translated and subtitled by Syrian Translators Union (STU)
Original video link:…

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