Syria Assad Regime orders Christmas Day strikes

Bashar al-Assad government stepped up air raids on December 25-27th, 2014
There have been unprecedented air raids across Syria in the last three days!
Helicopters and war planes dropped barrel bombs – steel drums full of shrapnel and explosives

470 air strikes on rebel-held areas in Syria!

Location: Insurgent-held eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus
Result: at least 110 civilians had been killed. Eleven civilians, mostly women and children, were killed by loyalist snipers when trying to leave a besieged rebel-held neighbourhood in the rural outskirts of Damascus.

Northern Syrian city controlled by Isis – on residential and industrial areas in the city of al Bab and neighbouring Qabaseen, northeast of Aleppo
Result: at least 45 civilians were killed and some 175 wounded


“People were going about scraping a living and there were no armed groups in the market, only poor people. Why is Assad killing us? May God bring vengeance on him,”said a resident of Qabaseen and a volunteer with the local civil defence group via Skype.

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad dropped barrel bombs on Christmas Days

Syria dismisses foreign role in Russian-led peace talks

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

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