Left Out in the cold: Syrian refugees abandoned by the international community

Syria Bashar al-Assad Regime:You want freedom! This is your freedom, Homeless and Stateless!

Registered Syrian Refugees: 3,217,906 (Dec 23, 2014)

The Gulf states– which include some of the world’s wealthiest countries – have not offered to take a single refugee from Syria so far. The complete absence of resettlement pledges from the Gulf is particularly shameful. Linguistic and religious ties should place the Gulf states at the forefront of those offering safe shelter to refugees fleeing persecution and war crimes in Syria.”

The lack of international support has had disastrous consequences with the five main host countries, who are currently hosting at least 95 per cent of Syria’s refugees, seriously struggling to cope. Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have imposed severe restrictions on the entry of refugees in recent months leaving many trapped in Syria at serious risk of abuses by government forces or at the hands of the group that calls itself the Islamic State (IS) and other armed groups.

If a tiny country with a weak economy and huge debt like Lebanon can accommodate an increase of a quarter of its population others can certainly be doing more to help.”

Syria 3 1//2 years civil war creates 3 million refugees by Assad Regime

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The 13.6 million include 7.2 million displaced within Syria – an increase from a long-held U.N. estimate of 6.5 million, as well as 3.3 million Syrian refugees abroad, 1.9 million displaced in Iraq and 190,000 who have left to seek safety.

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