Syria Assad Regime killed 1,500 persons in 30 minutes- death Congestion

Published on Sep 2, 2014

A 30 minutes documentary .in which we are trying to conclude a chemical weapon massacre that shocked the whole will always be a true evidence of Alassad brutality. the death that people experienced was not just a nightmare that passed away, it was a devastating dark memory stuck in the minds of those who survived, lost beloved ones, or witnessed…And because 1500 martyrs weren’t just increasing numbers that night, they were stories to be told, bleeding wounds, and fuel that is moving us to make them immortals in our memories and revenge there deaths.Not to mention that all the cruelty of the chemical weapon massacre occurred in only one night. The international society, human rights, and the whole world with its doctors, legislators and activists have admitted the impossibility of solving, baring, or even saving all the victims. The night of the 21st of august will always be a memory to revive every year until all the stolen rights of every oppressed child, woman, and elder are returned so no massacres happens anymore.

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