Toiling Syrian children in Turkey yearn for education

1 in 13 people is a Syrian refugees!
250,000+ were Killed9 Million Displaced
3 Million Refugees

3 million has fled Syria, becoming refugees abroad and half of them are children. Once they leave Syria, their lives aren’t necessarily better: Many child refugees are believed to be working, doing odd jobs on farms, cafes or car repair shops, or collecting money by begging on the streets.

“There are so many of us Syrians in Istanbul living on the streets,” Fahid explained while periodically scanning the area looking for sympathetic stares from potential donors. “We are everywhere here. You can see so many Syrians on the ground, begging for money, looking for work, but no one wants to hire a Syrian for a job, it seems impossible to find work here.”

While most child workers from Syria are boys, a growing number of girls can also be found working in shops, private homes and in the fields. Aisha (12) from Azaz, and Hatice (13) from Aleppo have been in Turkey for two and a half years. Both work in a clothes shop in Kilis. Hatice, who works six days a week, said she dropped out of school to help her family.

Ahmed (10), whose family fled their Turkoman village six months ago after an Islamic State (IS) attack, said that he misses going to school. “I want to go to school again and learn,” he said. “I don’t want Bashar [Al-Assad], I don’t want IS, and I don’t want the Free Syrian Army. I don’t care about them. All I want is peace, and my Syria back.”

Syria Assad regime war on children

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Toiling Syrian children in Turkey yearn for education

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