Assad Regime tortured a 15 Years Old Boy to Death

Crime: Protest/Want Change and Freedom

Tamer Al Shara, 15 years old from Jiza in Dar’a, arrested during a protest by state security, few days later returned his corpse. Medical examiners summarize injuries: – electrical drill injuries all over his body – kicks, punches, beating – broken arms – broken nick – bullet wounds to face.

Video is an indisputable evidence of crime against humanity by the AL ASSAD family and calls for international condemnation and actions to stop the killing before it escalates to a full-scale civil war.

Hamza 13, Tamer 15 and many hundreds and thousands of kids of their age are being sacrificed today in Syria while we are running like rats for a few crumbs in this big treadmill. What sort of life do you really want where kids are drilled alive and their screams can’t reach your blind heart. If the innocence that dies everyday in Syria doesn’t make us question our alleged progress and liberty then I don’t know what sort of beastiality do we call life?

#Syria #ASSAD #AssadCrimes #AssadWarcrimes #AssadGenocide #AssadHolocaust #syria_crisis #syria_conflict #syriacivilwar #torture #syrian_torture #syrian_refugees #childrenofsyria #Damascus #Aleppo #homs #Idlib #UN #NO2VETO

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