Assad Regime ‘Rampant torture’

Syria President Bashar al-Assad signed Syria’s ratification of the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in 2004.

The use of unwarranted lethal force, arbitrary detention and torture appear to be the desperate actions of a government that is intolerant of dissent.

Documented industrial-scale killing: At least 11,000 human beings who have been tortured and executed and apparently disposed of.

The regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad is holding 150,000 civilians in custody, all of whom are at risk of being tortured or killed by the state…

Torture method: severe beating, electric shock, being hung or tied in painful positions for long hours or even days, withholding food or access to toilet and shower facilities, sexual torture and rape against both men and women, and psychological torture including being kept in a cell with a dead or dying prisoner and being forced to watch the torture of others.

The worst torture has taken place in detention facilities run by the country’s four main intelligence agencies, commonly referred to collectively as the mukhabarat:

1) The Department of Military Intelligence (Shu`bat al-Mukhabarat al-`Askariyya);
2) The Political Security Directorate (Idarat al-Amn al-Siyasi);
3) The General Intelligence Directorate (Idarat al-Mukhabarat al-`Amma); and
4) The Air Force Intelligence Directorate (Idarat al-Mukhabarat al-Jawiyya).

Syria Assad Regime torture detainees

Assad’s regime of rampant torture

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