Yazidi diaspora plead for justice in Iraq

The acts of murder, violence, forced conversion and sexual slavery are crimes against humanity!

It’s the responsibility of the entire world to stop this persecution, especially against a community whose population is only 600,000. Can you imagine we are experiencing a genocide in 2014?”

They face double persecution – for not being Arab or Sunni Muslim – and occupy the lowest rank in the socio-economic hierarchy of the region,” explained Sebastian Maisel, a professor at Grand Valley State University.

Thus, within a year or two, we can see the entire community vanish from their ancestral homeland!

Yazidi genocide, they were murdered and were fleeing for their lives

Article: http://www.aljazeera.com/humanrights/2014/09/yazidi-diaspora-plead-justice-iraq-201493134528632377.html

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