Syrian Children: A Generation of Traumatized

“The world must act to save a generation of traumatized, isolated and suffering Syrian children from catastrophe.”

Save the Children released “A Devastating Toll: The impact of three years of war on Syria’s children” in March. It said at least 1.2 million children have fled to neighboring countries, 4.3 million children in Syria need humanitarian help, and that more than 10,000 children have died.

“What is most disturbing about the findings of this report is not only the sheer numbers of children killed in this conflict, but the way they are being killed.”

Some 71% of children were killed by explosives, while around 25% were killed by small arms fire. The report found that 764 children were executed, with 112 tortured, including some infants. Boys were killed twice as often as girls. Children in Daraa and Aleppo were among the worst-affected.

Please help to save the Syrian Children –

#Syrian Children are dying from the civil war

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