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The Eyes of Truth Being Targeted by the Aggressors Assad Regime

Published on Jul 5, 2012

“The first atrocity, the first war crime committed in any war of aggression by the aggressors is against the truth”
This footage is a a tribute to those heroes; the truth’s martyrs in Homs; the capital of the revolution in Syria. These videographers have risked their lives to convey the truth that Al Assad’s regime doesn’t want the world to know. They have made every possible effort to show the world what is going on in their beloved Homs in the most difficult circumstances under the shelling and constant gunfire by the Assad’s forces. They have taken hundreds of videos to prove that the horrible crimes in Syria are being committed by no one but the Assad’s regime.

Translated and subtitled by Syrian4allWorld team.
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Barrel Bombs Assad’s ‘Latest Barbaric Act’ Attack on Syria

Syrian government dropped barrel bombs on a displaced persons camp in the northwestern province of Idlib.

“It’s a massacre of refugees!” “Let the whole world see this, they are displaced people. Look at them, they are civilians, unarmed displaced civilians.”

6000+ Barrel Bombs had been dropped by the Assad’s regime on different populated cities to punish his own people since the 2011 uprising.

Syria Bashar al-Assad Regime Atrocities Crime against humanity


Syria conflict: Victims of the ‘war on childhood’

Humanity is dead! Civilization is Dead! Conscious is Dead!
Syrian children are besieged, bereaved, displaced, bombed, sniped, massacred, detained, tortured, raped, mutilated, starved by Assad Regime for almost 4 years… World remains silence.

Syrian children victim of war
Bashar al-Assad

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Syria Assad’s Regime War on Doctors 6

Remember the Syrian doctors who risk their life to save life!
Thanksgiving Day 2014

Syrian Doctors: As doctors, we treat everyone regardless of their political views
Syria Assad: Doctors are dangerous to the Syria Assad’s Regime
Syria Assad’s military intelligence officers: We are shooting at them in order to kill them. This is obvious, since you are stopping him from dying, you are a terrorist.

More than 560 Syrian doctors and nurses were reportedly killed by the Syria Bashar al-Assad‘s regime forces since the start of the ongoing war in 2011. Hundreds have disappeared into Syrian jails.

1) Assad’s troops purposefully denied people medical care as a “weapon of war”
2) The Syrian troop army has occupied hospitals, using them as bases for snipers, tanks and soldiers.
3) Patients had also been beaten, burned with cigarettes and tortured to death in a Syria military hospital in Mezze, Damascus.
4) Intentionally directing attacks against hospitals and places containing the sick and the wounded.


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Haidar Ali al-Fandi


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Osama Bakrah


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Adel al-Hassan


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Sufian az-Zoubi


Syrian Doctor: Ziauddin Badran


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Bashar Sinawhar


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed Bazz


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed Qasem Agha


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Samer al-Hamed


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Ahmed Lyad Faltih


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Wahid Akidi


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Mohammed al-Jalad


Syrian Doctor: Dr. Fares Ghali

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Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 5

Working in a field hospital is like death!
International law is supposed to protect health workers treating anyone who is sick or wounded. Not in Syria!

The regime has in turn embarked on a brutal campaign to destroy the hospitals and kill their medical staffs.

In response to such barbarism, and in defiance of the new strategy, local doctors, supported by a few daring nongovernmental organizations, have set up field hospitals in factories, farms, houses, cultural centers, caves and even chicken coops to provide surgery and other care to the injured.

The regime is targeting anyone giving medical care in opposition-run areas.











Bashar al-Assad

#Syria #ASSAD #AssadCrimes #AssadWarcrimes #AssadGenocide #AssadHolocaust #syria_crisis #syria_conflict #syriacivilwar #torture #syrian_torture #syrian_refugees #childrenofsyria #Damascus #Aleppo


Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 4

A direct assault on the medical system by the Syrian Assad government as a strategy of war.

1) 50+ of the country’s 88 public hospitals have closed because of the ongoing conflict. Many of them in contested areas or in areas outside of government control.
2) Syrian troop forces began detaining doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, relief workers in Homs and other contested areas.
3) The deliberate destruction of pharmacies affects more than the war-wounded.
4) Destruction of power plants by the Syrian troops means no electricity, making it impossible to maintain a cold-chain for vaccines. X-Ray machines and operating room lights are dependent on generators.
5) Paramedics have been tortured and used as human shields.
6) Ambulances have been targeted by snipers and missiles.
7) Emergency medical squads are routinely prevented from evacuating not only wounded rebel fighters but also injured children and other civilians from rebel-held territory.

Direct attacks on medical workers and patients are not only appalling, they also violate the Geneva Conventions.











Bashar al-Assad

#Syria #ASSAD #AssadCrimes #AssadWarcrimes #AssadGenocide #AssadHolocaust #syria_crisis #syria_conflict #syriacivilwar #torture #syrian_torture #syrian_refugees #childrenofsyria #Damascus #Aleppo

Syria Assad Assault on Doctors 3

The assault on the health system has become a weapon of mass destruction, transforming Syria into a country with diseases of poverty and war.

In 2012, the Syrian government Assad’s regime passed an anti-terrorism law that effectively made it a crime to provide medical care to anyone suspected of being part of the opposition. A policy of denying medical aid to those affiliated with or part of the armed opposition.

“It is forbidden to carry out any first aid activities.” Emergency medical squads are routinely prevented from evacuating not only wounded rebel fighters but also injured children and other civilians from rebel-held territory.











Bashar al-Assad

#Syria #ASSAD #AssadCrimes #AssadWarcrimes #AssadGenocide #AssadHolocaust #syria_crisis #syria_conflict #syriacivilwar #torture #syrian_torture #syrian_refugees #childrenofsyria #Damascus #Aleppo