The World’s Enormous Silence about the Slaughter of Christians

* ISIS forcefully circumcised Yazidi men & women in Mosul without anesthesia.
* They tied the hands of one woman to the back of a car and her legs to another car and they split her into two.
* They put women and children under the ground. They were alive.
* ISIS terrorists cut a five-year-old boy in two.
* ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi gave his followers permission to eat babies.
* ISIS is systematically beheading Christian children in Mosul.
* They butchered people like cattle.
* Islamic extremists regard them as infidels, worthy only of being killed.
* ISIS’ Beheadings, Crucifixion, Stonings
* ISIS want to impregnate Yazidi women and smash their blond bloodline.
* Hundreds of women have been kidnapped as war booties and reduced to slaves.
* The Christians pay the fine, the fighters take the Christian wives and children and make them their wives – so it’s really convert, or die.
* They are absolutely killing every Christian they see. Convert to Islam, pay a fine or be put to “death by the sword.”
* Yazidi Kurdish children are dying of thirst and hunger on Sinjar mountains. No more words for tragedy.
* Ethnic cleansing: They are killing our people in the name of Allah and telling people that anyone who kills a Christian will go straight to heaven.
* They are occupying our churches and converting them into mosques.
* They have burned churches, very old book, crosses and statues of the Virgin Mary.

Savage rapes, people butchered like cattle: The Horror of ISIS

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