ISIS is a threat to civilization

ISIS message to US: “We will kill your people and transform America to a river of blood.”

The Barbarism of ISIS- The crimes against humanity

1) Beheading children, no matter the eventual goal, can never be justified by a civilized people.

2) Terror in the form of crucifixions can never be tolerated by the world community.

3) Yazidi children on Mount Sinjar, drinking their parents’ blood to stay alive in the face of the ISIS siege, is reminiscent of the desperation portrayed in Schindler’s List and Hotel Rwanda.

The civilized world mourned the atrocities of those conflicts, as well as our inaction in the face of such barbarous actions. We will soon find ourselves mourning another genocide if President Obama, and Republicans alike, do not agree to take decisive action against this abomination. ISIS cannot merely be contained or defeated, some pundits correctly contend, it must be destroyed.

ISIS beheading christian children

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