ISIS Defiant 84-Years-Old Yazidi Grandma Crawls for Two Days to Safety

84-Year-Old Yazidi Granny Crawls on her Hand and Knees for Two Days to Escape Islamic State

ISIS: “Convert to Islam or Die”.

Aissan: I would rather die.

Aissan’s 23 years old grandson Haig: “It’s all lies! No one is fighting the IS. No one is helping to get my family back,” he said. “Give me a weapon and I will go to fight. Give the weapons to all the Yazidi men. Just give us a chance to fight for our families or die trying. That’s all I ask.”

Note: ISIS Militants Seize 63 of Aissan Family Members in Sinjar. Haig’s younger sisters are only 3 and 5 years old. He was told by one of the ISIS member on the phone that his family would be executed.

Iraq Turmoil - Escape From ISIS

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