ISIS atrocities against YAZIDI women

Those who do not convert face daily rape and a slow death
* They have been raped and sold off like property.
* Being raped by dozens of men over the course of a few hours.
* Mosul’s Badush prison, where the women are enslaved before trafficking them to third parties. Many of those held were teenagers.
* Women and girls as young as 14 are being offered the chance to convert. If they accept, they are sold as wives. If not, they are raped, tortured and eventually murdered.
* Babies are being born in the prison, and being immediately taken away from the mothers who have no idea of their fate.

isis atrocities against YAZIDI women

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    We have known about the Yezidi genocide since August 2014. Yet the world is standing by as they did by the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, allowing ISIS to gain power, wealth, territory rather than stopping their barbaric subhuman crimes against humanity.

    ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Sex Slaves Alive in Cages
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    ISIS Now Using Facebook to Sell Sex Slaves
    Read more at…/isis-online-sex-slave…/……See More

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    ISIS Horror: 19 Girls Burned Alive in Iron Cage for Refusing to Have Sex With Terror Group

    Nineteen women were burned alive inside an iron cage by the Islamic State terror group in the Iraqi city of Mosul after they refused to have sex with the extremists.

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    Bernhard Rosenberg

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