Silent is a Crime

* More than 5.5 million Syrian youth have been deprived of schools, food, medical attention, or a safe community to grow up in.
* As of January 2014, more than 10,000 children had lost their lives to Syria’s violence.
* The number of children affected by the crisis has skyrocketed from 1.8 million to more than 5.5 million.
* The number of children displaced inside Syria has more than tripled, from 920,000 to nearly 3 million.
* At least 8,000 children have fled to Syria’s borders without their parents
* One in 10 children — over 1.2 million — has fled Syria, becoming refugees abroad.
* Many Syrian children are in pure ‘survival mode”.
* One in 10 refugee children is believed to be working, doing odd jobs on farms, cafes or car repair shops, or collecting money by begging on the streets.

Syrian Civil War

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