ISIS Crimes against humanity

ISIS mass killing

Crimes against humanity!
1) “Systematic” beheading of children, infants, men and wome
2) Torture: genital mutilation, dousing faces with acid, poking out eyes, cutting off noses, ears, tongues, hands, feets
3) Burying people alive
4) Mass executions
5) Forced conversions
6) Kidnappings/ Slavery
7) Sexual violence: women were raped and sold, young boys executed, girls enslaved for sexual abuse
8) Children recruited as suicide bombers and as soldiers
9) Systematic and intentional attacks on civilians/ executions in public spaces
10) Murdered Muslims: both Sunni and Shia
11) Christians Genocide/ Crucifixions/ systematic hunting of members of ethnic and religious groups
12) Bomb churches/ pulled down crosses
13) Burning as many as 1,500 ancient Christian manuscripts
14) Desecrated cemeteries
15) Destroyed the tombs of biblical prophets
16) Crimes against humanity…

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